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    nasa mars insight robotic probe landing mission animation lockheed martin 00004

    • NASA will try to land its InSight probe on the surface of the red planet around 3 p.m. EST on Monday.
    • The robotic lander must survive "seven minutes of terror" before touching down and beginning a series of unprecedented scientific firsts.
    • InSight won't move around Mars, but it could be the first mission to measure the "vital signs" of the planet and decode its internal structure.
    • NASA will also listen for "marsquakes" caused by meteorite impacts and tectonic movements, which could reveal the interior structure of the 4.6-billion-year-old world.
    • You can watch live video coverage of the landing starting around 2 p.m. EST on Monday.

    On Cyber Monday, while online shoppers hunt for deals, NASA will be trying to stick its first landing of a robot on the surface of Mars in six years.

    The roughly $830-million mission is called InSight, which is short for "Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport."

    NASA rocketed the InSight probe toward the red planet on May 5. The lander, which weighs about 789 lbs, is expected to complete a risky descent sequence around 3 p.m. ET on Monday, November 26. Part of that process is known as the "seven minutes of terror."

    If all goes well, the golf-cart-size lander will be the first robot to touch down on Martian soil since NASA's nuclear-powered Curiosity rover, which landed there in August 2012.

    Read more: 13 incredible facts you probably didn't know about the red planet

    Scientists hope that InSight's two-year mission will probe Mars in ways they've only dreamed of until now.

    "All of our past missions have really been surface missions,"Robert Braun, NASA's former chief technologist, told Business Insider. "InSight's a very different mission in the sense that it is peering into the past by studying, really, the interior of Mars. In doing so, we're going to learn about Mars, but also about the early history of the Earth."

    First, however, InSight will have to get safely to the surface.

    How InSight may survive '7 minutes of terror'

    nasa mars insight robotic probe landing mission animation lockheed martin 00033

    Getting to Mars is relatively easy.

    That's because modern rockets are safer and more reliable to launch than ever before. In fact, the vehicle that sent InSight toward Mars — an Atlas V rocket built by United Launch Alliance — has had only one partial failure since its debut in 2002.

    Landing on the red planet, however, is one of the most challenging tasks an aerospace engineer can accomplish. About a third of robots sent there never make it.

    "Although we've done it before, landing on Mars is hard, and this mission is no different," Rob Manning, the chief engineer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, said in a video. "It takes thousands of steps to go from the top of the atmosphere to the surface, and each one of them has to work perfectly."

    Read more: NASA's Mars lander is just days from reaching the red planet — here's how to watch the InSight landing live

    The Martian atmosphere is about 1% as thick as Earth's. But that's still plenty of air to completely destroy a spacecraft like InSight, which will be moving at about 12,300 mph when it arrives at the red planet.

    NASA tries to take advantage of the Martian atmosphere by putting its robots in an entry capsule with a heat shield. This helps reduce the spacecraft's speed while also protecting it from 1,500-degree-Celsius temperatures — hot enough to melt steel — caused by plowing through the thin Martian air.

    nasa mars insight robotic probe landing mission animation lockheed martin 00001

    However, striking the atmosphere at anything other than the perfect angle — about 12 degrees, Manning said — can end a mission. Any shallower than this, and an entry capsule will "skip" off the atmosphere and out into deep space. Any deeper, and a robot gets vaporized.

    This phase — when an entry capsule detaches from its mothership and descends — is sometimes called the seven minutes of terror. This is because NASA can't "hear" from its spacecraft for roughly seven minutes, and it won't know if a landing has succeeded or failed until a radio signal arrives (or doesn't).

    This time around, though, NASA is trying something new: It sent two briefcase-size satellites called MarsCubeOne with Insight. Both cubesats are trailing the lander en route to Mars, and they'll help relay landing data home.

    "They'll be broadcasting that back to Earth so we know what's exactly happening at each step of the entry, descent, and landing process,"Tom Hoffman, the InSight mission's payload manager, said during a press briefing in October.

    mars cubesat one satellite insight nasa jpl caltech

    Once InSight plows through enough of the Martian atmosphere to not burn up, its entry capsule will deploy a big supersonic parachute, then discard the heat shield seconds later.

    InSight's dangerous journey isn't over at this point. The robot still has to deploy three landing legs and use radar to calculate how close it is to the ground — NASA can't control the robot remotely in real time because it takes light (and radio signals) about 15 minutes to travel to and from Mars.

    About a mile above the surface of Mars, InSight will drop out of its protective capsule, fire its retro-rocket engines, and try to touch down without crashing or tipping over.

    How InSight will probe the ancient secrets of Mars — and Earth

    mars rocky planet hot molten core interior cutaway illustration nasa PIA16078_orig

    InSight will try to land in a region known as Elysium Planitia, which is a relatively flat place close to the Martian equator. If the robot safely lands and unfurls its two circular solar panels, NASA will begin its mission in earnest.

    Like InSight's nearly identical predecessor mission, the Phoenix Mars Lander, the probe won't move locations. But unlike Phoenix, which dug for water in Martian soil for a few months in 2008, InSight hopes to last for two Earth years.

    During that time, it will perform the first "checkup" of the 4.6-billion-year-old planet.

    "InSight's goal is to study the interior of Mars and take the planet's vital signs, its pulse, and temperature," NASA said on its mission website. "To look deep into Mars, the lander must be at a place where it can stay still and quiet for its entire mission. That's why scientists chose Elysium Planitia as InSight's home."

    elysia planitia insight mars lander site map nasa

    Once InSight is powered up and in communication with Earth, one of its first tasks will be to unfurl a robotic arm.

    InSight will use that robotic appendage to place a dome down on the Martian surface. The dome will contain six extremely sensitive vibration-detection devices called seismometers.

    Seismometers on the Earth and the moon (Apollo astronauts deployed some on the lunar surface) have recorded earthquakes and moonquakes, which helped scientists figure out the internal structure of those rocky worlds. On Mars, NASA researchers hope to accomplish a similar feat.

    Whenever a meteorite strikes Mars, or there's a landslide, or a big blob of magma suddenly shifts, or there's tectonic movement, InSight's seismometer should detect such vibrations. The devices can even record seismic activity from all the way across the planet.

    Over time, data about marsquakes could reveal hitherto unknown information about the internal structure of the planet.

    One of the most challenging tasks InSight will attempt, though, is drilling a heat probe deep into the ground. The probe will slowly drill down and stop every so often to heat up. Then a sensor will detect how long it takes that warmth to dissipate.

    NASA InSight Mars lander

    The probe is expected to dig 16 feet down — far deeper than any previous Mars mission has ever reached with scoops, shovels, or drills.

    "When we get down that deep, we'll get away from all of the temperature variations of the surface," Suzanne Smrekar, the mission's deputy principle investigator, said during a press briefing. "That tells us about the heat coming out of the planet — that energy that's available for driving geologic activity."

    Back on the surface, InSight will also use a sensitive radio science experiment to see how subtly Mars shifts during its two-Earth-year-long orbit around the sun. Such data should tell researchers what is going on in the deepest parts of the planet's core.

    nasa mars insight robotic probe mission press briefing bruce banerdt NHQ201810310005_orig

    The ultimate goal is to figure out how Mars formed and what happened to the planet since then. Scientists know that Mars once generated an atmosphere-protecting magnetic dynamo, as Earth still does today. But the Martian core's dynamo eventually shut down and the planet's protective shield faded, which allowed the sun to blow away Mars' atmosphere and oceans of water.

    In probing that history, scientists think we're bound to learn about our own planet's origins.

    "Earth ... is a big planet that holds a lot of heat, a lot of energy, and it's been very geologically active over its entire history. So most of the record of the early processes that formed the Earth have been erased," Hoffman said. "We'd like to have a planet that's just a little bit calmer and that can retain that that evidence."

    This makes sedate Mars, which is similar to Earth but has remained almost frozen in time, the perfect place to go looking.

    This story has been updated. It was originally published on November 21, 2018.

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    DON'T MISS: These pictures show the exact hill NASA's longest-lived Mars robot may die upon

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    The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

    target 2 4x3

    Last week, Target shared a sneak preview of its Cyber Monday deals, a glimpse of what this holiday season's deals will look like. Like Amazon, Target has a wide variety of products, ranging from household goods, to tech, to toys.

    Now that Cyber Monday is officially here, we've rounded up the best Target deals and sales, and now that all of the sales are live, it's time to save.

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    But deals are changing by the hour, so keep checking back here as we'll be sure to update throughout the day as prices and availability changes.

    Check out the best Cyber Monday deals and sales from Target below and don't miss out on 100+ other noteworthy Cyber Monday sales we're shopping, including tons of men's fashion saleswomen's fashion sales, some incredible Cyber Monday deals from Cole Haan, or dozens of Cyber Monday deals from our favorite startups, like the Casper and Leesa mattresses and Brooklinen bedding.

    Here are just a few of the best tech deals at Target for Cyber Monday:

    Looking for more deals and sales? We've rounded up the best Cyber Monday deals on the internet.

    DON'T MISS: Everlane's rare 'Choose What You Pay' sale is a different kind of Cyber Monday deal

    SEE ALSO: 15 great deals you'll find during L.L.Bean's Cyber Monday sale

    Fitbit Versa Smartwatch

    Fitbit Versa smartwatch, $149 (originally $199.95)[You save $50.95]

    Apple iPhone

    Get a $150–$250 gift card when you purchase a new iPhone.

    Samsung 2.1 Channel 130W Soundbar

    Samsung speaker bar and subwoofer, $119.99 (originally $199.99)[You save $80] 

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    NASA InSight Mars lander

    • NASA's InSight lander is scheduled to land on the red planet Monday, November 26. It would be the first mission to land on Mars since 2012.
    • Once there, the lander will study Mars' temperature and check for "marsquakes."
    • The landing is extremely challenging to get right because of the planet's thin atmosphere.
    • You can watch NASA's live video coverage of the landing below starting around 2 p.m. EST.

    NASA's InSight lander is scheduled to complete its six-month journey to the red planet on Monday afternoon, then begin the first mission to study the deep interior of Mars.

    InSight, the first spacecraft NASA has sent to Mars since the Curiosity rover landed there in 2012, will drill down about 16 feet into the planet's crust to check the red planet's temperature and insert a seismometer into Martian soil to study "marsquakes."

    But before it can do any of that, the spacecraft has to land.

    Read more: NASA's InSight robot is about to land on Mars. Here's how it might survive '7 minutes of terror' and make incredible discoveries about the red planet — and Earth, too.

    It won't be easy — the atmosphere on Mars is about 1% as thick as Earth's, which provides enough friction to burn up a spacecraft but makes it difficult to slow down enough for a safe landing. Only about one-third of missions launched to Mars survive a landing; the United States is the only country to have successfully landed anything on the red planet.

    According to NASA, the InSight lander will enter the Martian atmosphere at about 12,300 mph. It will only have about six-and-a-half minutes to slow down to about 5 mph, which it will do by using a parachute and firing descent thrusters. If everything goes according to plan, the spacecraft is expected to land on a flat, stable surface at Elysium Planitia — a broad Martian plain with few rocks or boulders — shortly before 3 p.m. EST on Monday.

    InSight's design, including its heat shield and parachute, is very similar to that of NASA's Phoenix spacecraft, which successfully landed near Mars' north pole in 2008. But InSight will have more mass when it enters the Martian atmosphere than Phoenix did, which makes the landing more challenging. The new spacecraft is also expected to touch down at a higher elevation than Phoenix did, which means it will have less atmosphere to rely on for slowing down.

    However, InSight has a stronger parachute, better avionics, and an improved heat shield — which is designed to take a beating from possible dust storms — to help counter these challenges.

    The InSight mission is led by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. InSight, which lifted off from California's Vandenberg Air Force Base in May, was the first interplanetary rocket that NASA has launched from the West Coast. The lander was accompanied by two small, Mars-bound satellites that are collectively called Mars Cube One.

    Read more: A tiny satellite bound for Mars just snapped a picture that makes the red planet look puny and insignificant

    Once on the ground, InSight will stretch out to 20 feet long and weigh nearly 800 pounds. It'll be powered by two 7-foot-wide solar arrays.

    To measure marsquakes (which are similar to earthquakes but, of course, not on Earth), the lander will use a robotic arm to set down a packet of seismometers, which can record any ground vibrations from meteorite impacts, tectonic movements, volcanism, or other seismic activity. This data could help scientists decode the internal structure of Mars, including to what extent its core is solid or liquid.

    nasa mars insight robotic probe landing mission illustration PIA22813_orig

    The lander is supposed to collect data on Mars until at least November 2020. NASA hopes to use this information to draw new comparisons between the interiors of Earth and the red planet.

    Eventually, the research could be used to learn more about which types of Earth-like exoplanetsmay supportalien life.

    How, when, and where to watch NASA's live InSight landing coverage

    On Monday, NASA will be relying on other spacecraft and radio telescopes on Earth to monitor InSight's radio signals and determine when it reaches the red planet. The lander's design should allow it to touch down safely around 2:54 p.m. EST.

    The landing won't be captured on video, but NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory will broadcast live views of mission control, along with updates, expert commentary, and animations showing every step of InSight's descent.

    You can watch the event live with NASA JPL's stream below starting around 2 p.m. EST on Monday:


    If the feed above doesn't work, try NASA's YouTube channel or NASA TV.

    SEE ALSO: 13 incredible facts you probably didn't know about Mars

    DON'T MISS: NASA is about to launch a new solar-powered lander to Mars — here's what the InSight will do on the red planet

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    Midway Airport

    • Nearly 500 flights were canceled Sunday as a quickly strengthening winter storm pelted the Midwest on the busiest travel day of the year.
    • A winter storm pelted many areas in the Midwest with ice, rain, and snow causing massive road delays and cancelations at major airports in cities including Chicago, Denver, and Kansas City, Missouri.
    • This year's Thanksgiving travel was projected to be record-breaking, with over 3 million passengers estimated to be flying the Sunday after the holiday.

    Nearly 500 flights have been canceled as a quickly strengthening winter storm pelted the Midwest the Sunday following Thanksgiving, the year's busiest travel day in the US.

    A winter storm dumped ice, rain, and snow, causing massive road delays and flight cancelations out of major airports including Denver, Omaha, and Kansas City, Missouri.

    Chicago's two regional airports were hit the hardest, with more than 300 arriving and departing flights being canceled between O'Hare and Midway airports on Sunday.

    O'Hare canceled a combined 14% of its flights as of 1 PM Sunday afternoon, and Midway had canceled just over 30%, according to flight-tracking data analyzed by FlightAware.

    Read more: These are the 20 busiest airports in the world

    midwest snow storm

    Accuweather reported that blizzard conditions were intensifying from southern Nebraska and northern Kansas to northern Illinois, southeastern Wisconsin and part of Lower Michigan.

    AAA projected 54.3 million Americans would travel 50 miles or more for Thanksgiving this year, 4.8% more than last year. Of those, 4.27 million people would be traveling by air, and 48.5 million would be driving.

    Sunday was projected as the busiest flying day of the this year's Thanksgiving travel period by airline trade organization Airlines for America, which estimated 3.06 million passengers would be trying to get home after the holiday, 5.7% more than last year.

    State officials issued warnings and closures throughout the day as low visibility and icy conditions took over major highways.

    Kansas Governor Jeff Colyer declared a State of Disaster Emergency due to the storm after reports of drivers getting stuck and stranded in vehicles.

    SEE ALSO: 6 holiday travel horror stories that will make you want to stay home

    DON'T MISS: 13 places to visit in December for every type of traveler

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    NOW WATCH: This LEGO Bugatti Chiron is drivable — here's what it can do

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    josh allen

    • Buffalo Bills rookie quarterback Josh Allen made his return to the lineup for the first time since Week 6.
    • Allen threw a 75-yard touchdown in the first quarter, showing off his massive arm strength.
    • Allen's ability to move the ball immediately makes a difference in the Bills offense.

    The Buffalo Bills offense has struggled nearly all season, but the return of rookie quarterback Josh Allen appears to have gotten them back on track.

    Allen made his first start since Week 6, and immediately reminded the NFL world of the arm talent that made him a first-round pick.

    In the first quarter, Allen dropped back, and with the pocket collapsing and the Jacksonville Jaguars defense bearing down on him, delivered a huge strike to wide receiver Robert Foster. Foster carried the ball the rest of the way to the end zone for a 75-yard score.

    Questions remain about Allen's ability to play quarterback at the NFL level. He's still thrown more interceptions than touchdowns and he can be inaccurate. But there's no doubting his ability to move the ball down the field, and that alone has helped the Bills offense.

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    IP gift guide banner

    The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

    Casper dog bed

    • Don't forget your furry best friend this holiday season!
    • From treats to beds and even activity monitors, this gift guide has something for every pooch.

    When searching for the perfect gifts for your friends, family, and co-workers during the holiday season, make sure not to forget your furry best friend.

    Your dog may not realize it's the holiday season, but most pet owners are happy for an excuse to pamper their pooches. Whether you're looking for a chew toy to keep your dog occupied while everyone else is opening presents, a stylish new leash and collar, or a tracker to keep your pet from getting lost, we've got you covered when it comes to gifts your dog will love.

    Still shopping for more gifts? Check out all of Insider Picks' holiday gift guides for 2018 here.

    SEE ALSO: All of Insider Picks' holiday gift guides, in one place

    DON'T MISS: 25 creative and unexpected gifts for 'Star Wars' fans of all ages

    A subscription box full of goodies

    BarkBox subscription, available at BarkBox, starts at $35

    A BarkBox subscription for one, three, six, or 12 months makes a perfect gift for that special dog (or dog owner).

    A tool to improve your fetch game

    Chuckit! Dog Ball Launcher, available at Amazon, $9.92

    The Chuckit! Dog Ball Launcher helps you through a ball farther to give your dog a better workout. It's featured in our guide to the best dog toys.

    A GPS and fitness tracker for your pet

    Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor, available at Amazon, $59.94

    This GPS ensures sure your pet will never get lost.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    A Bitcoin logo is seen on a cryptocurrency ATM in Santa Monica, California, U.S., January 4, 2018. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

    • Ohio is becoming the first US state to accept the Bitcoin cryptocurrency for business tax payments.
    • Ohio politicians have been open about their desire to be on the forefront of blockchain technology adoption.
    • It's good news for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency among a stream of recent negative news.

    The state of Ohio will accept Bitcoin for Ohio business tax payments beginning this week — a first for the US, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal

    Bitcoin has struggled to become a widespread form of payment, but Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel says that Bitcoin for business tax payments has several benefits on the website, like being "quick and easy," trackable, secure, transparent, incurs low fees, and allows taxes to be paid via mobile devices.

    There are 23 taxes that can be paid with Bitcoin, including sales tax and withholdings taxes. For a full list of eligible taxes, check's FAQ page

    Ohio Businesses will be able to pay these eligible taxes via the site. The Ohio Treasury is looking to add more accepted cryptocurrencies in the future.

    Read more: Even Congress is jumping on the blockchain bandwagon — and IBM is urging it on says that the payment option is part of an initiative to integrate blockchain technology into parts of Ohio's government: "Treasurer Mandel believes in leveraging cutting-edge technology to provide Ohioans more options and ease while interfacing with state government.  The Treasurer’s office is also working to help make Ohio a national leader in blockchain technology."

    In August, Ohio Speaker Ryan Smith held a press conference that included politicians, business leaders, and academics to blockchain's potential in Ohio. "Because this is so new and this is just beginning to take shape, we can position Ohio out front," Smith said. The same month, Ohio passed a law that officially recognized blockchain data as a form of electronic record.

    Among news of crashing Bitcoin prices and general lack of adoption, Ohio's acceptance of Bitcoin for business tax payments is boon for cryptocurrency. Still, it's only an option and there's no telling yet how successful the program will be.

    SEE ALSO: Bitcoin crashes through $4,000

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    NOW WATCH: Principal Global Investors CEO: Bitcoin lacks fundamental value and it won't replace gold

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    • Cleveland Browns cornerback Damarious Randall intercepted Andy Dalton on Sunday.
    • Afterward, Randall handed the ball to Hue Jackson, the ex-Browns head coach and current Bengals assistant coach.
    • Jackson seemed to take it well, patting Randall on the helmet afterward.

    Cleveland Browns cornerback Damarious Randall had some fun with his ex-head coach Hue Jackson on Sunday.

    During the second quarter, Randall picked off a pass from quarterback Andy Dalton and ran it out to the sideline. As he ran out of bounds, he handed the ball to Jackson, the former Browns coach and now Bengals assistant.

    Perhaps Randall recognized whatever it was his former head coach was trying to run.

    Jackson seemed to take it well, patting Randall on the helmet afterward.

    Jackson was fired from the Browns earlier this season after posting a 3-36-1 record over two-plus seasons. Defense was not a problem this season, as the Browns have been a stout defensive unit and had 28 interceptions and forced fumbles coming into this week. Jackson said afterward that he was never able to run his preferred type of offense because the team did not have the talent.

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    migrants border clash

    • Authorities clashed with groups that are believed to be from the Central American migrant caravan Sunday after a group estimated to be in the hundreds stormed a US port of entry. 
    • Migrants walked from a makeshift shelter in Tijuana, Mexico to head to San Ysidro, the largest port of entry on the southern US border to confront border authorities and make asylum claims. 
    • The confrontation comes less than a day after President Donald Trump tweeted that the United States will no longer allow asylum-seekers to enter the country until their claims are approved by a judge. 

    Authorities clashed with members of a migrant caravan after a group estimated to be in the hundreds stormed a US port of entry, according to video and photos posted to social media from journalists on the ground. 

    The migrants left a makeshift shelter in Tijuana to head for San Ysidro, the largest port of entry on the southern US border. It has been reported nearly 5,000 migrantsfrom the Central American caravan were being held in the Mexican city. 

    After police blocked a bridge, migrants crossed the Tijuana River on foot before approaching the port. 

    A CBP spokesperson said officials had suspended northbound and southbound vehicle and pedestrian crossings.
    Officials from the Department of Homeland Security did not return requests for comment. 

    US Border Patrol then reportedly launched tear gas toward the Mexican side of the border, which Associated Press correspondent Chris Sherman tweeted carried for hundreds of yards. 

    tear gas migrants border

    Ana Zuniga, a 23-year-old from Honduras was carrying her 3-year old daughter.

    "We ran but when you run the smoke smothers you more," she told Sherman, who also tweeted that she saw US agents launching gas when migrants made a hole in a barrier's barbed wire. 

    tear gas migrants border

    MSNBC reported from the ground that the migrants had planned a demonstration after becoming fed up with the condition of the shelter, and walked approximately half a mile to confront authorities with in-person asylum requests. 

    The footage also captured several military drones above the crowd, in addition to what were reportedly US helicopters. 

    The confrontation comes a day after President Donald Trump tweeted that the United States will no longer allow asylum-seekers to enter the country until their claims are approved by a judge. 

    "Migrants at the Southern Border will not be allowed into the United States until their claims are individually approved in court," he tweeted, adding that "we only will allow those who come into our Country legally," though asylum-seekers often do legally enter the country at ports of entry before requesting asylum.

    Read more: 'All will stay in Mexico': Trump says the US will bar asylum-seekers from entering the country until judges approve their claims

    Trump previously signed an executive order barring asylum for migrants who cross the border illegally, though US immigration law explicitly permits migrants to request asylum no matter how they entered the country. 

    A federal judge blocked Trump's asylum ban earlier this week, arguing that Trump "may not rewrite the immigration laws to impose a condition that Congress has expressly forbidden."

    The White House did not return a request for comment. 

    Michelle Mark contributed reporting. 

    This is a developing story. Check back for updates. 

    SEE ALSO: Thousands of migrants have been marching to the US border in 'caravans' for years — here's why this one is different

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    NOW WATCH: This top economist has a radical plan to change the way Americans vote

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    • Seattle Seahawks running back Chris Carson hurdled a defender and got flipped while in the air.
    • Carson somehow managed to land on his feet and continue running.

    NFL running backs have increasingly gotten better at hurdling defenders, but the Seattle Seahawks' Chris Carson took it to a new level on Sunday.

    In the third quarter, Carson broke free down the middle and tried to hurdle Panthers safety Eric Reid. But as Carson jumped, he hit Reid coming head-on and his momentum caused him to flip forward.

    Instead of crashing to the ground violently, Carson stuck the landing, bracing to get his balance before taking off again.

    We give it a 10.

    Carson might have been down when he landed, but we can look past that.

    The next step for running backs will be to cleanly front flip over defenders and keep running.

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    NOW WATCH: Inside an intense training session where aspiring WWE wrestlers learn how to fight

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    The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

    best buy 2 4x3

    • Cyber Monday 2018 is pretty much here, and Best Buy has some of the best deals we've seen on tech.
    • If you're a My Best Buy member you can get many of the deals in our list right now, but non-members will have to wait for the deals to go public on Cyber Monday, November 26.
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    Best Buy has rolled out hundreds of its Cyber Monday deals on the latest tech, kitchen appliances, and other gizmos ahead of November 26, exclusively for the store's My Best Buy members.

    Customers who are logged into their free My Best Buy accounts will find markdowns on MacBook Pros and Roomba robot vacuums, as well as discounts on the Xbox One S and the Apple Watch, and tons of other popular devices on many people's holiday wish list.

    Below, we've made a list, broken down by category, of the best Cyber Monday deals from Best Buy — some are live now, but some won't see their prices drop until Monday. And remember, if you're shopping as a guest, you wont be able to claim any of the early deals until they go public.

    Additionally, don't miss out on other Cyber Monday sales we're shopping, including dozens of men's fashion sales and women's fashion sales, some incredible Cyber Monday deals from Cole Haan, or 50 Cyber Monday deals from our favorite startups, like the Casper and Leesa mattresses, Brooklinen bedding, and MVMT watches.

    Looking for more deals? We've rounded up the best Cyber Monday deals on the internet.

    DON'T MISS: 50 Cyber Monday deals from cool startups you should have on your radar this week

    SEE ALSO: All of Insider Picks' holiday gift guides, in one place

    Over-ear and on-ear headphones




    Media streamers

    Portable Bluetooth speakers 

    Stationary speakers 


    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    35 big tech predictions for 2018Technology is increasingly disrupting every part of our daily lives.

    Smart speakers and voice assistants let us interact with our homes and with retailers in new and seamless ways.

    Smartphones are taking over as the dominant shopping device.

    Viewers continue to move away from traditional TV toward digital platforms.

    And the list is growing.

    Nearly every industry has been disrupted by digital technologies over the past 10 years. And in 2018, we expect to see more transformative developments affect our businesses, careers, and lives.

    Business Insider Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service, has put together a list of 35 Big Tech Predictions for 2018 across Apps and Platforms, Digital Media, Payments, Internet of Things, E-Commerce, Fintech, and Transportation & Logistics. Some of these major predictions include:

    • Cryptocurrencies will become more widely accepted
    • Google and Apple will challenge Amazon in the smart speaker space
    • The resurgence of the VR market
    • The real self-driving car race will begin
    • Drone regulations will relax
    • Alibaba’s international expansion
    • Gen Z will become a major focal point for media companies and advertisers
    • Payment security will become paramount
    • Smart home devices will take off

    This comprehensive list of 35 predictions can be yours for free today. As an added bonus, you will gain immediate access to our exclusive free newsletter, Business Insider Intelligence Daily.

    To get your copy of this FREE report, simply click here.

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    • A brawl broke out between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Buffalo Bills after a contested catch.
    • As the two teams pushed and shoved, Leonard Fournette ran over to Bills defensive end Shaq Lawson and threw a punch as they went down to the ground, fighting.
    • Meanwhile, Jaguars receiver Donte Moncrief and Bills cornerback Levi Wallace continued to wrestle on the ground for the ball, refusing to give it up.
    • Fournette and Lawson were later ejected.

    A wild and ugly scene broke out between the Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday.

    In the third quarter, Blake Bortles threw a deep, contested pass to wide receiver Donte Moncrief, who came down with the ball with Bills cornerback Levi Wallace clinging onto him.

    Referees ruled that Moncrief scored a touchdown, but as both teams raced down the field, some pushing and shoving ensued, followed by a full-on brawl between Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette and Bills defensive end Shaq Lawson.

    As Fournette and Lawson swung at each other, with both teams trying to break up the fight, Moncrief and Wallace stayed on the ground, clinging to the ball, refusing to give it up. Nobody seemed to really notice.

    Here's a clip of the incident:

    Lawson and Fournette were ejected for fighting, while referees also overturned the touchdown, ruling that Moncrief was down just short of the end zone.

    As Lawson and Fournette headed back to the locker rooms, they were still yelling at each other.

    Fournette was not in the game when the play happened and ran across the field to get involved in the brawl. It's possible that the NFL could fine him further for leaving the bench area to scuffle.

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    Theresa May

    LONDON —As May prepares for her Brexit deal to be defeated in the House of Commons, the suggestion that the prime minister should instead seek a "plan B" of replicating Norway's relationship with the EU has resurfaced.

    Under Boles' plan — which is reportedly backed by the Environment Secretary Michael Gove and several leading Cabinet remainers— the UK would copy Norway's relationship with the EU for a few years after Brexit before entering a new free trade agreement with Brussels. Boles calls it "Norway for now."

    Boles believes that something like the Norway model would win a majority of MPs over and break the impasse in Parliament.

    Here's what the Norway model would actually mean in practice. 

    What is the Norway model?

    The Norway model includes two key European organisations: The European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and European Economic Area (EEA). Norway, along with Lichtenstein and Iceland, is a member of both.

    EFTA is made up of the aforementioned three countries, plus Switzerland. They trade between themselves while the group as a whole has free trade deals with numerous non-EU countries, Canada, Mexico and others.

    The EEA, on the other hand, is a collaboration of all EU member states plus three EFTA states: Norway, Lichtenstein, and Iceland. All EEA members — including the EFTA countries — enjoy full access to the European single market.

    EEA membership is only available to either EU or EFTA member states. So, under a Norway-style Brexit, Britain would leave the EU, join EFTA, and then become the 31st full member of the EEA.

    David Davis Michel Barnier

    What are the pros of the Norway-style Brexit?

    Being in EFTA-EEA would allow the UK to retain full access to the single market. This would mean no new non-tariff barriers, and continued single market treatment for services, which account for around 80% of the UK economy.

    Most research suggests this would be the least damaging form of Brexit. The government's own impact assessment found the Norway option would be the least damaging option in terms of economic harm.

    And although Britain would retain full single market access, it wouldn't be forced to sign up to some of the EU's more contentious policies. It wouldn't be required to join the EU's Common Fisheries Policy, for example, which has long been a bugbear for many Brexiteers. It would also be exempt from the Common Agricultural Policy. The European Court of Justice, reviled by most pro-Leave MPs, would have no jurisdiction over Britain.

    What about the cons?

    Although Britain would finally be free of the ECJ, it would have to answer to the EFTA court, which for most Brexiteers would merely represent another set of unaccountable, interfering foreign judges.

    Then there's the issue of Britain's influence as an EFTA/EEA country. Under the Norway model, Britain would have full access to the single market but have much less say in shaping its rules than it does now as an EU member. Norway does not formally participate in Brussels decision-making but has incorporated around 75% of EU law into its national legislation

    Nick Boles

    What about immigration?

    The elephant in the room here is immigration. The public's desire to control immigration was arguably the biggest driving force for Brexit, and the UK government has vowed to end the free movement of EU citizens. 

    EEA members are required to accept the four freedoms, including the free movement of people. Clearly, this would be politically dangerous for any government, and for that reason is probably a non-starter.

    There is one way around that. It's unrealistic — but theoretically possible.

    Article 112 of the EEA Agreement allows non-EU member states to opt out of the four freedoms if they are facing serious economic, societal or environmental strain. For example, Lichtenstein used Article 112 to impose controls on the free movement of people, due to concerns over whether a landlocked country of such modest size and resources could cope with big influxes of people. Obviously, Britain is very different from Lichtenstein, and would likely have a much tougher time arguing for an immigration opt-out. 

    Brexit protest

    What would it mean for the Irish border?

    Perhaps the strongest case for a Norway-style Brexit is that it would go some way to resolving the Irish border dilemma. Boles argues that Britain could remain in a Norway-like state until a new UK-EU free trade agreement which covers the Irish border is ready, making it a replacement for the controversial backstop. 

    By remaining fully aligned with EU market rules, Britain would avoid a plethora of non-tariff barriers which would otherwise emerge between Northern Ireland and the Republic. 

    However, a Norway-style relationship wouldn't provide the whole solution for avoiding physical infrastructure on the island of Ireland. In order to also eliminate tariff barriers, Britain would need to be in either the current or a new customs union with the EU after Brexit. Norway is not in a customs union with the EU. 

    Michel Barnier Leo Varadkar

    So how likely is a Norway-style Brexit?

    Earlier this year, the Brexit committee led by Labour's Hilary Benn published a report calling for May to use the Norway option has her official backup if she fails to meet key negotiating goals in Brexit talks with the EU. 

    The idea has gathered momentum in recent weeks as MPs look for ways of unlocking Brexit talks and avoiding a dreaded no deal scenario. The EU has always said the Norway option is available to the UK. 

    However, there are some practical problems. 

    Firstly, although EFTA/EEA countries are generally open to the idea of Britain becoming a permanent member of the club, whether they'd accept temporary membership is a different question.

    Prime Minister Solberg appeared to kill hopes of temporary UK membership on Tuesday, telling reporters: "We would welcome any good cooperation with Britain. But to enter into an organisation which you’re leaving is a little bit difficult for the rest of us."

    Even if Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein did grant a temporary stay, it could take up to twelve months for Britain to complete the joining process, while exit day is just months away at the time of writing.

    On top of that is the issue of customs. For a Norway-style model to solve the Irish border problem, it would need to come with a customs union add-on. However, EFTA countries have together signed trade deals with other countries which include customs arrangements. The UK would need to sign up to those, making a customs arrangement with the EU very difficult if not impossible.

    Then we have the question of Westminster politics. Would May be able to sell continued acceptance of EU rules and the free movement of MPs to pro-Brexit MPs? At the moment is looks unlikely, but with British politics in such a volatile environment, anything could happen.

    SEE ALSO: MEPs kicked out of the Conservative Party by Theresa May told us why they're fighting her 'horrendous' Brexit plan

    DON'T MISS: The EU believes Theresa May's 'unstable' government could collapse before Brexit

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    eating bugs

    • Diet tracking app Lifesum has added insects to its catalogue.
    • Users can add in their meals that contain grasshoppers, mealworms, and crickets.
    • Insects are surprisingly nutritious.
    • They're also much more environmentally friendly to farm.
    • You don't have to eat them whole — many come in handy powder form.

    Diet and fitness app Lifesum has just started allowing users to track their consumption of insects. Its user base of about 30 million people are now able to add to their profile whether they've eaten grasshoppers, mealworms, and various other bugs alongside the more regular food groups.

    Lifesum has collaborated with Entomo Farms, which is North America's largest producer of edible insects. About two billion people around the world already eat insects in some capacity, so maybe it's only a matter of time until more people in the western world are clocking how many crickets they had in their lunch.

    According to some of the cheerleaders of insect-eating — Mark Cuban, Salma Hayek, and Nicole Kidman — insect-eating is full of benefits. Here are three of the main reasons why.

    1. They're nutritious

    "Edible insects are not only abundant in numbers, but are cost-effective and have considerable health benefits," Kajsa Ernestam, a dietitian at Lifesum told INSIDER. "Insects are nutritionally-rich, yet very low in calories, which is thought to help combat obesity and related diseases."

    Insects contain vitamins and micronutrients, like B12, iron, manganese, and calcium.

    Read more:There's even more evidence to suggest popular vitamin supplements are essentially useless

    "Insects are a nutritional powerhouse," said Jarrod Goldin, the president of Entomo Farms. "And the prebiotic fiber in insects benefits gut health and digestion."

    B12 isn't produced by the human body on its own, and helps bone health and energy levels. Iron is essential for producing red blood cells, manganese is vital for maintaining the nervous system and the brain, and calcium is required for strong bones.

    Entomo ingredients

    2. It's good for the environment

    "The benefits of edible insects go far beyond their nutritional value," said Ernestam. "The environmental advantages are truly profound. What may seem like a drop in the ocean now could in the future be a revelation and world-wide solution."

    Currently, traditional livestock farming accounts for up to 18% of the planet's greenhouse gas emissions. According to Compassion in World Farming, we need to reduce these emissions in developed countries by at least 80% to stick to the Paris Agreement target of keeping the average world temperature increase below 2 degrees C.

    Also, climate change has already impaired food production. Increasing temperatures put further stress on dry regions, making it harder to grow crops and rear animals.

    In comparison, insect farming produces around a hundred times less greenhouse gases than beef cattle or pigs.

    "Insects also generally have a higher food conversion efficiency than traditional meats," said Ernestam. "Warm-blooded vertebrates need to use a significant amount of energy just to stay warm, whereas cold-blooded insects don't."

    They also reproduce incredibly quickly — a female cricket laying up to 1,500 eggs in three or four weeks. This is a much faster rate than breeding cattle, where the ratio of breeding to market animals is 4 to 1.

    3. You don't have to eat them whole


    If you're not keen on the idea of eating bugs as they are, you can get mealworm or cricket powder. It has all the same nutritional benefits, so it's a bit like protein powder.

    "You can also consume insect-fortified flour and use this in your baking, making cricket chocolate cake for example," said Ernestam. "If you aren't squeamish, an easy way to integrate insects into your diet is making a pizza with a scattering of locusts, or blending them into a delicious smoothie, or snacking on a bag of insects whenever you feel like it."

    Squeamishness is likely to be the biggest hurdle in getting people to adopt insects willingly into their diet. Ernestam said providing options on the Lifesum health tracker is a good place to start, because having more insect foods available on there normalises the activity. There's an insect-based taco recipe on there, for example.

    Goldin said Entomo Farms was founded with the "vision to improve human health and deliver nutrition sustainably."

    "[This] will help us reach as many people as possible to help introduce them to this delicious, versatile ingredient that will not only benefit their own health, but also the future health of our planet."

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    Theresa May

    • Adrian Paul, a European economist at Goldman Sachs says Prime Minister May's Brexit deal will ultimately achieve parliamentary approval.
    • Paul's view that the deal will be ratified by British politicians is based on what he calls an "uneasy alliance" of MPs who currently opposed to the deal will ultimately vote for it, perhaps on a second vote.
    • There is, Paul says, a delicate equilibrium in Westminster, with all the groups opposed to May's deal also as equally opposed to one another.
    • That effectively gives May a lot more power than she appears to have.

    For the two or so weeks since British Prime Minister Theresa May first announced that she had secured an initial Brexit deal with the European Union, that deal has almost constantly appeared to be close to collapse, as politicians from all sides roundly criticize the agreement.

    May insists, however, that the deal is the best available to the UK, and doggedly continues to push it towards a parliamentary vote. She was handed a small boost on Sunday when EU leaders ratified both the Withdrawal Agreement and the Political Declaration on Brexit.

    Whether or not the deal meets parliamentary approval remains to be seen, but one optimist who sees the deal getting past MPs is Goldman Sachs economist Adrian Paul. 

    While the bank doesn't provide its view on whether the deal is good or not, Goldman does say that it will ultimately be passed by the House of Commons, allowing the UK to begin its transition out of the EU, and setting the scene for the beginning of crucial trade negotiations.

    Read more: Brexit is now such a headache that the UK is 'uninvestable,' according to one of Wall Street's best respected research houses

    Paul's view is based on what he calls an "uneasy alliance" of MPs currently opposed to the deal will ultimately vote for it, perhaps on a second vote.

    "In a stylized sense, the preferred objective of different factions in Parliament can be summarised as: (i) those supporting 'this deal', (ii) those supporting 'another deal', (iii) those supporting 'no deal', and (iv) those supporting 'no Brexit'," Paul wrote on Sunday.

    Effectively, groups one, two, and three all oppose May's deal, but do not — at the moment at least — have the strength of numbers to individually force through their own objective. That much was made clear by the bungled attempt from the pro-Brexit European Research Group to oust May last week, and push forward a no deal scenario.

    This, Paul says, creates a delicate equilibrium in Westminster, with all the groups opposed to May's deal also equally opposed to one another.

    As he puts it: "The MPs within that uneasy alliance of critics differ among themselves on the specification of their preferred objective at least as much as they differ from the Prime Minister on the merits of the current deal."

    Such a situation, which Paul terms an "equilibrating dynamic," actually makes May a lot stronger than she appears right now.

    Two things reinforce that view, he says:

    • 1. "It is the PM herself who is empowered to set the agenda. To reconcile the irreconcilable preferences professed in Parliament, the PM is in a position to hold out the threat of “no Brexit”, for example, to coerce the proponents of 'no deal'."
    • 2. "The Future Framework is vague enough to appeal to conflicting interests. As the domestic response to today’s EU summit illustrated, the Withdrawal Agreement can be sold as merely 'a staging post' on the path to multiple long-run objectives."

    "On our base case, the Brexit deal is ultimately ratified. The UK embarks on a ‘status quo’ transition phase, beginning in March 2019," he continues.

    There are risks to such a set of forecasts, Paul says, noting that the chance of the deal ultimately failing have risen somewhat in recent days. He says that it is particularly under threat if two or more of the disparate groups opposing the deal come together.

    "Were the factions within that uneasy alliance of opposition MPs able to coalesce around one specific alternative objective — rather than each advocating their own — the threat to the PM posed by the arithmetic in parliament would become all the more pertinent," he said.

    SEE ALSO: Two American billionaire families are using Brexit to build a London property empire

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    Walmart Cyber Monday

    • This year's Cyber Monday is predicted to be the biggest online shopping day in US history.
    • The day is expected to generate $7.8 billion in sales, up nearly 18% on last year, according to an Adobe Analytics report cited by CNBC.
    • This comes despite holiday shopping becoming more spread out, with consumers increasingly buying online on Black Friday and even on Thanksgiving Day.
    • Retailers are offering huge deals to keep Cyber Monday strong in this changing environment.

    Cyber Monday 2018 is predicted to be the biggest online shopping day in US history, bringing in more money from online sales than any previous Cyber Monday or Black Friday.

    Cyber Monday is expected to generate $7.8 billion in sales, up nearly 18% on last year, according to a new report from Adobe Analytics cited by CNBC.

    The lofty expectation comes even as shoppers increasingly spread their online holiday shopping over several days.

    Black Friday pulled in $6.22 billion in online sales, Adobe Analytics said, according to CNBC, up 23.6% from a year ago. Thanksgiving Day itself has become a big shopping day too, attracting an estimated $3.7 billion in sales.

    Read more:The best Walmart Cyber Monday deals you can get on sale right now

    Retailers like Walmart and Amazon are offering huge deals intended to stop Cyber Monday from getting killed.

    Ray Wimer, an assistant professor of retail practice at Syracuse University, told Business Insider in an email that the two events had merged as shoppers' habits shifted online.

    "Black Friday is really no longer a one-day shopping extravaganza, it really signals a kickoff to a four-day promotional period that concludes on Cyber Monday," he said.

    Read more:The 42 best deals and sales you can get online at Target for Cyber Monday 2018

    Black Friday saw a record of more than $2 billion in sales done through smartphones alone, the Adobe report said, per CNBC.

    But even if it does have the US shopping calendar sewn up, Cyber Monday is still second string to the biggest online shopping day in the world.

    Cyber Monday is eclipsed by Singles Day, a Chinese shopping event that attracts almost four times the sales volume.

    With $30.8 billion made in sales over 24 hours this month from a single company — the e-commerce platform Alibaba — Singles Day celebration is easily the biggest shopping event on earth.

    SEE ALSO: Amazon shares are set to lead a Cyber Monday tech rally while global stocks rebound from a rocky week

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    online shopping amazon

    • Amazon shares in premarket and US futures are up before the biggest online shopping day of the year. 
    • Global stocks are bouncing back after a bloody Black Friday trading session battered US equities.
    • European Stocks are rebounding on optimism around Italy's budget progress — the benchmark FTSE MIB is up almost 3%.

    Amazon shares are soaring in premarket New York trading ahead of what's expected to be the biggest online shopping day in US history.

    The retail giant and other tech shares are tracking a relief rally in global stock markets after a volatile last week that was capped by the worst Black Friday trading day since 2010. In Europe, optimism around Italy's budget deal with the EU helped send indexes higher. 

    Amazon gained 2.5% — a sign investors are cheery about the retailer's prospects for so-called Cyber Monday. Retailers had already enjoyed one of the best Black Fridays on record with total spending hitting around $60 billion, up approximately 6% from last year. 

    Investors that day were skittish, though — Friday saw one of the weakest Black Friday trading sessions in eight years, according to

    The picture contrasts with weeks of negativity around so-called FAANG group — consisting of Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google. Futures on the tech-heavy Nasdaq index point to an opening rally of about 1.8% on Monday. Both Apple and Facebook were trading up 1.9% in premarket trading in New York. 

    Read more: Cyber Monday 2018 is forecast to be the biggest online shopping day in US history

    In Europe, optimism surrounding potential progress around Italy's budgetary dispute with the EU sent stock indexes higher. The government is discussing reducing next year's budget deficit target to as low as 2% of gross domestic product from the draft budget target of 2.4% of GDP, according to Reuters.

    The Euro Stoxx 600 gained 1.2% as of 11.20 a.m. in London (6.20 a.m EST) while Italy's FTSE MIB was up 3%, leading gains in other European markets on Monday. 

    Italian Lenders UniCredit and Intesa Sanpaolo were up 5.8% and 5.3% respectively, leading Italian banks higher. 

    Asian markets closed flat on Monday. Brent Crude rose above $60 a barrel and is trading up 1.6%. 

    SEE ALSO: The stock market is flashing some terrifying parallels to the tech bubble — and it could be foreshadowing a painful crash to come

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    Elon Musk Axios HBO

    • Elon Musk told Axios in an interview that Tesla was "single-digit weeks" away from death earlier this year.
    • This was due to the Model 3 production ramp, which has made headlines for pushing Tesla and its CEO to the limit.
    • Musk admitted the long hours were not good for him, saying "no one should put this many hours into work."

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed how close the company came to folding in an Axios interview broadcast on HBO Sunday night.

    "Tesla really faced a severe threat of death due to the Model 3 production ramp," said Musk.

    He added that the company was "bleeding money like crazy," and the haemorrhaging of cash got to the point where it was "single-digit weeks" away from collapse.

    The CEO said he was working seven days a week on every aspect of the production. "I worked in the paint shop, general assembly, the body shop," he said.

    Read more: There wasn't some other way to do this"— Elon Musk says "everyone" at Tesla was working 100-hour weeks to ramp up Model 3 production

    He admitted that the long hours were not good for his welfare. "No one should put this many hours into work, this is not good," Musk explained.

    You can watch Musk about the strain caused by the Model 3 production ramp here:

    Musk has talked before about the strain exerted by Tesla having to step up production of its Model 3, staying overnight at the office and struggling to get to sleep without the help of sleeping pills.

    SEE ALSO: Tesla generated a crazy amount of news in 2018, but most of it was noise — here's the most important single takeaway from the entire year

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    jessica biel

    • Jessica Biel says her go-to method for beating post-workout muscle soreness is exercising again.
    • Personal trainers, however, aren't convinced that this is the best technique.
    • Rest and gentle movement are better approaches to take to allow your body to recover.

    DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) is simultaneously one of the best and worst things about working out.

    One the one hand, you know you've actually had a good gym session and can physically feel yourself getting stronger and fitter.

    But on the flipside, your body aches in places you didn't even know possible and just sitting down can be incredibly painful.

    "DOMS is caused by creating micro-tears in your muscles during exercise and typically occurs when you start a new exercise programme or increase the intensity of your workout above what you are used to," Lee Matthews, Fitness & Member Experience Director at DW Fitness First, explains to INSIDER.

    Unfortunately, there's no way to completely prevent DOMS, so what can you do about it?

    Jessica Biel recently revealed that her go-to method for fighting muscle soreness is to get moving and hit the gym again.

    "Work out again. Get right back in it," she told Well+Good. "If you're sore, work out your hips or your butt or whatever it is."

    Read more: Hilary Duff's workout routine has stayed similar for years — here's what she does to stay in killer shape

    But is putting already sore muscles under strain again really the best approach to take?

    Rich Tidmarsh, owner and lead trainer of Reach Fitness in London, isn't convinced.

    "If you want to get stronger, then exercising again on an area with DOMS is absolutely not the thing to do, even if a Hollywood actress swears by it," Tidmarsh tells INSIDER.

    "Yes, get moving, create blood flow but don't attack that area again until your body has recovered."

    Rather than doing a hardcore workout when your muscles are sore, you should be aiming for active recovery.

    "While it's recommended to allow the affected muscles time to recover, inactivity isn't necessarily the remedy,” Michael Ryan, the Tier X Manager at Equinox, concurs.

    “Dynamic flexibility, body work, yoga, aqua therapy, and walking your dog are all movement-based recommendations to aid muscle soreness recovery."

    The right way to relieve muscle soreness

    Tidmarsh believes that instead of working out, you should focus on the techniques to relieve and minimise DOMS.

    Tips from him and Matthews include:

    • Warming up correctly
    • Wearing compression clothing during the workout
    • Eating well
    • Keeping hydrated
    • Stretching at the end of workouts
    • Having an ice bath
    • Foam rolling
    • Sleeping well
    • Having a magnesium salt hot bath.

    What's more, Tidmarsh, who has trained everyone from the England Rugby team to Professor Green, says we shouldn't actually be aiming for DOMS when working out. 

    "Yes, you want to work hard and create stimulus for change," he explains. "But severe DOMS can actually hinder your workout plans for the following days and potentially shows your recovery protocol after training was poor."

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