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    Riot police and soccer fans

    Here is what you need to know.

    1. Farm bankruptcies are surging as Trump's trade war drags on.The strain of low commodity prices on farmers and ranchers has been compounded by tariffs as at least 84 farm operations in the upper Midwest have filed for bankruptcy in the 12 months through June — more than twice the level seen in the same period in 2014.
    2. China says using its US bond holdings as a weapon in the trade war would be akin to 'playing with fire.'"We don't want to cause any financial instability in global markets," Cui Tiankai, China's ambassador to the US, told Reuters. "This is very dangerous — this is like playing with fire."
    3. A top US regulator pours more cold water on a bitcoin ETF. "What investors expect is that trading in that commodity that's underlying the ETF is free from the risk or significant risk of manipulation," Jay Clayton, the chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission, said at Coindesk's Consensus conference in New York on Tuesday, according to CNBC. "Those kinds of safeguards don't exist in many of the markets where digital currencies trade."
    4. Here are 4 portfolio tweaks that can help you make a killing amid the stock market's chaos. Credit Suisse says the stock market will grind higher in 2019 and lays out four big portfolio adjustments meant to help you capitalize on the changing market environment.
    5. A private-equity firm reportedly drops out of the Papa John's sweepstakes. Trian Fund Management on Tuesday afternoon pulled out of the bidding for the pizza chain Papa John's, according to The Wall Street Journal, citing people familiar with the matter, sending its shares lower by as much as 15%.
    6. Salesforce delivers a 'beat and raise.'Shares gained more than 5% in after-hours trading Tuesday after the company beat on both the top and bottom lines in the third quarter and raised its revenue guidance for the fourth quarter.
    7. Elon Musk's Boring Company axes plans to build a massive tunnel under Los Angeles. The decision was made after several local groups sued the city for exempting The Boring Company from environmental regulations.
    8. Stock markets around the world are gaining ground. Hong Kong's Hang Seng (+1.33%) led the gains in Asia, and Germany's DAX (+0.24%) is out front in Europe after Larry Kudlow, President Donald Trump's top economic adviser, said there was a "good possibility" the US and China could reach a trade agreement at the G20 summit in Argentina this weekend. The S&P 500 is set to open up 0.3% near 2,690.
    9. Earnings keep coming. Burlington Stores, Dick's Sporting Goods, and Tiffany all report ahead of the opening bell.
    10. US economic data flows. The second estimate of third-quarter gross domestic product will be released at 8:30 a.m. ET and new-home sales will cross the wires at 10 a.m. ET. The US 10-year yield is unchanged at 3.05%.

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    xinjiang protester

    • China's ambassador to the US defended his country's unprecedented crackdown on the Uighurs, its majority-Muslim ethnic minority.
    • Cui Tian kai said the country was "trying to re-educate most of them, trying to turn them into normal persons [who] can go back to normal life."
    • He also said that China would retaliate against any sanctions the US impose on China over the Uighur issue.

    China's ambassador to the US has described his country's unprecedented crackdown on its Muslim minority as a measure "to turn them into normal persons."

    Authorities have subjected the Uighurs — a majority-Muslim, Turkic ethnic minority populated in western China — to an unprecedented amount of surveillance in their home region, Xinjiang. Uighurs refer to the region as East Turkestan.

    xinjiang yingye'er camp

    Earlier this year activists accused China of imprisoning up to 1 million Uighurs in detention centers or re-education camps, a characterization China has routinely fought against. Beijing justifies its crackdown against Uighurs as a counterterrorism measure, and called the camps "free vocational training" that make Uighurs' life "colorful."

    Cui Tiankai, the Chinese ambassador, hit back at those accusations again, telling Reuters in an interview published Tuesday: "We are trying to re-educate most of them, trying to turn them into normal persons [who] can go back to normal life."

    china us ambassador cui tiankai

    The Trump administration is reportedly considering sanctions to target companies and officials over Xinjiang, including Chen Quanguo, the regional Communist Party secretary who is considered the architect of the Uighur crackdown.

    Earlier this month, a group of congressmen also introduced a bipartisan bill to pressure the White House into consider banning exports of US technology that could be used to oppress Uighurs and imposing sanctions against human rights offenders.

    Read more:China tells Congress to back off after planned legislation looks to sanction Beijing over imprisoning Muslims


    Cui said China would hit back on any sanctions the US would impose on China over the Uighur issue. He told Reuters: "If such actions are taken, we have to retaliate." He did not say how exactly Beijing would react.

    He also likened China's crackdown on the Uighurs to the US fight against the Islamic State terror group. 

    "Can you imagine [if] some American officials in charge of the fight against ISIS would be sanctioned?" he said.

    Read more:China is locking up its Muslim minorities, and pushing Islamophobia to get Europe to do it too

    xinjiang uighur man police

    Earlier this week Bitter Winter, an online magazine reporting on human rights in China, published footage from inside a detention center in Yingye'er, western Xinjiang.

    The footage shows a series of dorm rooms fitted with double iron doors and tightly secured windows, making the compound look like a conventional prison.

    Read more:Shocking footage purportedly shows cells inside prison camp where China oppresses Muslim minority

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    Rich woman enjoying the sunset standing on the balcony at luxury apartments in New York City. Luxury life concept. Successful businesswoman relaxing.

    • Refinery29's latest Money Diary is causing a stir online.
    • The site's popular series follows the spending of a working woman in a week.
    • The latest, released on Tuesday, was written by a 22-year-old entrepreneur who claims to make more than $600,000 in annual revenue from her e-commerce business.
    • The author's take-home, she says, is around $25,000-$30,000 per month.
    • A lot of people on Twitter had a hard time believing that the writer's business, which she runs from her New York City apartment, was able to reap such financial rewards.

    A 22-year-old entrepreneur is being called out on Twitter for claiming to take home an average of $25,000 a month.

    The latest in Refinery29's popular Money Diary series, which sees a working woman document what she spends in a week, the young woman claims to live in New York City and make her money running an e-commerce business out of her apartment.

    Refinery 29 amended its original headline after it was pointed out that the author's business revenue had been used as her income, which is actually about half of the initial figure.

    Read more:I spend $25 a week on groceries — here's what I buy and what I skip

    Nevertheless, an annual income of around $300,000-$360,000 is far more than most people in their early 20s can boast about. So, how does she do it?

    The author doesn't delve into too much detail about her enterprise, other than stating that she is a handbag designer and is in the process of switching fulfilment centres, which she describes as "a bit of a risky move," but one that is necessary in order to scale up her business.

    She also states that her products are made in China and shipped all over the world from a center in Hong Kong.

    All in all, the author's weekly spend comes to $1,732.15, which is roughly the monthly net income of someone earning $25,000 a year.

    However, a lot of readers had a hard time believing that the writer's e-commerce business was able to reap such impressive financial rewards.

    "She doesn't do any work except check emails, we all do that! What the hell how is she earning $25k I call BS..." one person wrote on Twitter.

    Another speculated that she was simply born into a rich family, which would align with the writer's admission that her parents covered her undergraduate education.

    Others pointed out discrepancies in the article, like the fact that she doesn't have her own printer...

    ...and that even though she spent $650 on a designer tote bag, she refrains from getting a $6 Uber home because she "ain't a baller"...

    ...Despite calling an Uber to a candy store and back to get Sour Patch Kids.

    She also says she moves money from her checking account to her savings every day so she doesn't "feel too flush and accidentally buy a Chanel bag," but then proceeds to spend $707 on a Celine tote bag.

    Some people came to the author's defence, though.

    Blogger Harry Campbell chimed in to say that the author's Money Diary was "very reasonable" and that "the internet is amazing if you're a hustler and open to trying and learning new things."

    "Good for her that she can make so much money at such a young age! That's an amazing feat," another added.

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    Philip Hammond

    • The UK government release new economic assessments showing all Brexit outcomes will leave Britain worse off than remaining in the EU.
    • The Chancellor Philip Hammond says that "purely from an economic point of view" it would be better to remain.
    • However, he says May's deal would only leave Britain "very slightly" worse off.
    • He says the government may have to reconsider leaving the Single Market if May's deal is defeated in Parliament.

    LONDON — Brexit will inevitably leave Britain worse off than had it remained in the EU, official forecasts released by the UK government suggest.

    The Chancellor Philip Hammond has previously repeatedly insisted that "when the British people voted [in the EU referendum] they did not vote to become poorer."

    However, his government today released official assessments showing that he UK economy will be hit under all likely Brexit outcomes.

    They show that:

    • May's deal would cut UK GDP by up to 3.9% over 15 years, according to official government analysis.
    • A no deal Brexit could cut UK GDP by up to 9.3%
    • A Canada-style free trade deal would leave GDP up to 6.7% lower than if Britain had remained.
    • A Norway-style soft Brexit would not have a negative impact on the economy.

    The analysis also shows that any economic benefit from Britain being able to strike new trade deals would be massively outweighed by the economic impact of increasing trade barriers.

    new tradeSpeaking on the Today programme, Hammond said there would inevitably be a cost to any form of Brexit.

    "Purely from an economic point of view there will be a cost to leaving the European Union," Hammond said.

    "If you look at this purely from an economic point of view there will be a cost to leaving the European Union because there will be impediments to our trade."

    However, he added that there were potential "political" benefits to Brexit, such as being able to sign independent trade deals and have an independent fishing policy.

    The analysis, released on Wednesday morning, showed that leaving the EU without a deal would cost the British economy more than £150 billion over 15 years. 

    By contrast, Hammond said that May's deal would only leave the economy "very slightly smaller" than if Britain had remained in the EU.

    The Chancellor also suggested that the government could be forced to change course and back an alternative form of Brexit, including a Norway-style Brexit in which Britain remains in the single market, if May's deal is defeated.

    "If that is rejected then we will have to review the options," he said.

    "We will have to look at the parliamentary arithmetic and see what is the best way to proceed."

    Hammond said remaining in the Single Market would leave Britain at an "economic advantage."

    "If you look purely at the economics, then remaining in the Single Market would give us an economic advantage yes," Hammond said.

    Hardline Brexiteers in Hammond's Conservative party accused the Treasury of seeking to undermine Brexit.

    "The reputation of government economics is in the gutter. That must change. It’s time for the Chancellor to publish all his assumptions and full model documentation so we can begin the process of recovery," former Brexit minister Steve Baker said.

    “We’ve all had about enough of Project Fear," former International Development Secretary Priti Patel said.

    "We were told during the referendum campaign that we’d each lose £4,300 and that there would be a recession and higher unemployment. And yet we’ve seen record wage growth and record employment levels.

    "If ministers spent time preparing for a no deal scenario, rather than dreaming up silly scare stories, we could all make a success of our post-Brexit future."

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    NOW WATCH: Megyn Kelly in 2017: 'I regret a lot' of the controversial stuff I've said on live television

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    robert mueller

    • Special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation appears to be speeding up.
    • Axios highlighted recent developments that suggest some big indictments might be coming soon.
    • President Donald Trump's written responses to Mueller's question and increased pressure on key figures like Julian Assange and Jerome Corsi, an associate of former Trump adviser Roger Stone, suggest the investigation is accelerating.
    • This comes as Mueller is reportedly moving toward his final report of his findings.

    The pace of special counsel Robert Mueller's probe into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election looks like it's speeding up and could lead to big indictments soon.

    Axios reporter Garrett M. Graff, who wrote a book about Mueller, identified recent developments that suggest the investigation may be accelerating.

    President Donald Trump has now turned in his written answers to Mueller's investigators after he continually resisted being interviewed as part of the investigation.

    Read more: New report reveals the behind-the-scenes battle between Trump's team and Mueller over a possible interview on the Russia investigation

    Jerome Corsi, a far-right conspiracy theorist and close associate of GOP strategist and former Trump adviser Roger Stone, is also in talks with Mueller about a possible plea deal — though he has reportedly turned it down.

    Jerome Corsi

    Corsi is one of the central figures in Mueller's investigation into whether people in Trump's campaign had advance knowledge of Russia's hack of the Democratic National Committee and WikiLeaks's subsequent dissemination of stolen emails.

    And Ecuador appears to be losing its patience with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, suggesting that they may turn him over. The government removed its ambassador to the UK that supported Assange and all diplomats that knew Assange. 

    Read more: Here's everyone who has been charged and convicted in Mueller's Russia probe so far

    Assange's connection to Trump and Russia was put back in the spotlight this week when he was forced to deny a report from The Guardian that he met with Manafort, the one-time head of Trump's campaign, in 2016.  Mueller is reportedly probing Ecuador's president over whether he and Manafort discussed Wikileaks or Assange in a 2017 meeting.

    Julian Assange

    Alleged Russian operative Maria Butina is also reported to be in talks for a plea deal, NBC News reported.

    And Axios noted that a number of Mueller's prosecutors were working on Veterans Day as Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen traveled to Washington to talk to Mueller's team.

    Mueller's team had been in a period of public quiet, but CNN reported in November that Mueller has begun compiling a final report of his findings.

    Read more: Mueller's report will be 'politically very devastating' for Trump, Alan Dershowitz predicts

    ABC News also reported that there was an "unusually high" number of sealed indictments filed over the year in DC. Of the three dozen filed, 14 were added in August, when Mueller was quiet publicly, leading legal experts to speculate to ABC News that they may be part of Mueller's investigation.

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    NOW WATCH: Trump once won a lawsuit against the NFL — but the result was an embarrassment

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    kanye west maga

    • In the media, the mental health of celebrities can be considered fair game.
    • If they're acting abnormally, their behaviour is closely watched and reported on.
    • There's also the tendency to try and diagnose them from afar.
    • This is damaging, reductive, and adds to stigma.
    • A person is more than a diagnosis, and their behaviour is rarely down to one reason alone.
    • This is true of high profile people and everyone else, including mass shooters.

    In 2010, Amanda Bynes' mental health started to become a major talking point in the media.

    "It definitely isn't fun when people diagnose you with what they think you are," Bynes said in a revealing interview with Paper Magazine. "I know that my behavior was so strange that people were just trying to grasp at straws for what was wrong."

    These "armchair psychiatrists," as she called them, crop up whenever someone high profile starts acting in a way that seems out of the ordinary.

    For example, during his recent trip to the White House to meet with Donald Trump, Kanye West said he had been recently misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder. Several publications have since discussed whether or not he could have the mental health condition.

    Read more: Kanye West called himself a 'motherf---er' in the Oval Office and gave Trump a massive hug during his White House visit

    Shainna Ali, a mental health clinician and advocate, says this is a problem.

    "It's just wrong," she told INSIDER. "The problem with that in terms of reporting is that is just improper care in general. We're jumping to conclusions. Unless you are the practitioner who has seen that individual, it's irresponsible to make that jump."

    Also, a psychologist or therapist will only have seen tidbits of someone's behaviour on television, just like everyone else.

    We don't have a saliva swab, a blood test, or a scan for most mental health conditions, so people can be diagnosed and misdiagnosed several times, and go through many different treatments before they start to make a recovery.

    "If we're willing to draw that conclusion quickly, then it makes it seem much more simple than it is," said Ali. "And it's not. Diagnosis is a complex process, and mental health recovery is also a complex process. If I can just read an article about Kanye and say 'ah I've pegged it, it's definitely this,' then that makes it seem like it's easier than it is."

    Self-diagnosis is dangerous

    People aren't always as upfront as they could be with their therapists and psychiatrists, either. Sometimes this is completely subconscious, because the human memory is imperfect.

    "You may think you're very forthcoming and you have all the intentions of being open, but you don't realise what your brain is hiding," Ali said. "And then there is memory — you don't know what you're omitting."

    This means jumping to a conclusion after reading five symptoms from a person's behaviour is reductive. And there's damaging consequences for that, Ali said. If she diagnoses someone from afar, then someone reading or watching may think they can self-diagnose too.

    "And that can be dangerous," she said. "Because self-diagnosis can cause someone to not get help — they can start to treat themselves, self medicate in ways, or it could be really scary for someone because it could be a misdiagnosis."

    Someone's diagnosis is also not their entire personality. Neither should one person — celebrity or otherwise — be the poster child for certain mental conditions. Just because they've been open about a diagnosis, or have sought treatment, doesn't mean they suddenly want to talk about it.

    But when celebrities do talk about having bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, or borderline personality disorder, the breadth of those conditions gets ignored or minimised because it's not being shown as much.

    "We don't see enough healthy cases — individuals coming forward and saying 'yes I also have borderline personality disorder but I'm thriving as well, I'm seeking help and I'm doing fine,'" Ali said.

    Looking for answers

    Lady Gaga

    Why are people so intent on diagnosing high profile figures? "That's one of the things that baffles me until today," said Ali. "But one of the answers I have is... that people want explanations."

    It's not just celebrities that make headlines for their behaviour. In America, there have been over 300 mass shootings this year so far. By coming up with a reason for behaviour that seems strange, or even hurts and kills other people, the public may be more able to come to terms with it.

    "The idea that someone would do something so horrible, people are just trying to understand," Ali said. "I think that's just part of human nature. There's some comfort in trying to have an explanation."

    If we can point to a reason, like a diagnosis, then we can breathe a sigh of relief, Ali said. But it's not that simple, because whatever the mental health condition, a person behaves the way they do for many different complicated reasons.

    "It doesn't really give us the comfort we think we need," she said. "But we tend to long for a diagnosis to help us understand."

    This divide of whether you have a mental illness or you don't also adds to damaging stigma, because it can be used to condescend or blame, and even discount anything else the person does.

    "Because of that I see the person first — so you're a person who might be a writer, a runner, a mother, who has borderline personality disorder," Ali said. "It's one part of who you are, it does not define who you are."

    Often the label is the priority, and becomes everything we infer about the person. But Ali said this means if we do this, "we lose the essence of that person."

    "I think when we lose that person, we use our ability to help the person," she said. "So when we're only seeing the diagnosis, we're missing the true opportunity to help them."

    Highlighting the positive stories

    Many high profile people have spoken publicly about their mental health, including Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, and Michael Phelps. Even Prince Harry gave a speech about his struggle with grief and depression.

    But while these stories get attention, it's still events like Kanye's presidential visit that get attention. There are also those who don't get better, like Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade, whose stories were widely publicised.

    "It can be scary and especially when we're hearing about the worst case scenario which would be someone dying by suicide," said Ali. "It can be worrisome if that happens for someone with this diagnosis."

    But you can get help and live a healthy life, she added, so it's important to spread the message that suffering with a mental illness isn't your fate.

    Read more: This is what it's like to be bipolar

    We also need to keep improving the way we treat those who suffer with their mental health. If someone is physically unwell, they are showered with support and care. And while it's improving, that still isn't the universal case when it comes to being mentally ill.

    "If someone is openly struggling, they're in the middle of a struggle, or relapsing, then we need to give them support, that's not the time for us to trivialise their concerns or poke fun at them," Ali said.

    In an article for Vox, Lux Alptraum wrote about how the actions of celebrities is often seen as fair game in the media.

    "When their antics are deemed entertaining, they’re egged on and encouraged; when they turn self-destructive, they’re chided for not taking better care of themselves," she wrote.

    Rather than haranguing someone for their entertainment value, like the media did with Amanda Bynes several years ago and arguably is still doing with Kanye West now, there needs to be better education and awareness around mental health reporting, Ali said.

    "A lot of that is encapsulated in asking questions, but also just educating yourself in general," she said.

    "And when [celebrities are] in a difficult place, that's when we should be more supportive. We should be wishing them well, if anything."

    If you or someone you know is struggling with a mental illness, you can find information and support at MIND, Mental Health America, and SANE.

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    Donald Trump China

    • President Donald Trump is still seeking $5 billion for his border wall between the US and Mexico.
    • Congress has to pass a spending bill to keep some government agencies funded by December 7.
    • Democrats have so far said they would approve $1.6 billion, but not the rest.
    • Trump told Politico he would "totally be willing" to trigger a government shutdown if he doesn't get the other $3.4 billion.
    • He also said he isn't doing it "just for political gain," but the border wall is a "total winner."

    President Donald Trump renewed his threat to shut down the government shutdown if Congress does not approve funding for his border wall.

    Trump has asked for $5 billion for a wall between the US and Mexico, which Congress has yet to grant. Democratic leaders have said that they would approve $1.6 billion for the wall.

    He told Politico on Tuesday that he would "totally be willing" to trigger a government shutdown if he doesn't get the full amount.

    capitol dc

    Lawmakers have to pass a spending bill, estimated at $312 billion, to keep government agencies funded by December 7. Affected agencies include the Department of Homeland Security, which polices the border.

    Trump has threatened to shut down the government over the border wall in the past. He said earlier this month that "this would be a very good time to do a shutdown" over border security.

    Trump border wall prototypes

    The president told Politico that the $5 billion would only pay for the physical wall, adding that "the number is larger for border security."

    He added that the border wall, which he promised to build during his presidential campaign, was a "total winner." 

    "I don't do anything ... just for political gain," he said. "But I will tell you, politically speaking, that issue is a total winner."

    Mexico border migrant tear gas

    He added: "People look at the border, they look at the rush to the police, they look at the rock throwers and really hurting three people, three very brave Border Patrol folks — I think that it's a tremendous issue, but much more importantly, is really needed. So we have to have border security."

    He was referring to a confrontation on Sunday between US border authorities and migrants at the border crossing between Tijuana and San Diego, California, when some rushed toward the US.

    US authorities fired tear gas toward migrants, and four border patrol agents were hit by rocks, but did not suffer serious injuries. Trump's reference to the rock throwers' "really hurting three people" is not clear.

    Read more:Border Patrol also used tear gas and pepper spray at US-Mexico border during Obama administration

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    NOW WATCH: Megyn Kelly in 2017: 'I regret a lot' of the controversial stuff I've said on live television

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    Iceland fan flag

    • The Legatum Institute's annual Prosperity Index was released on Wednesday.
    • The index looks at more than 100 different variables to determine the most "prosperous" country on the planet.
    • Norway has held the top spot for eight of the last nine years, only dethroned once by New Zealand in 2016, but could the Nordic nation hold on to top spot in 2018?

    Think-tank the Legatum Institute on Wednesday released its 12th annual global Prosperity Index, a huge survey that ranks the majority of the world's countries by their "prosperity"— a measure encompassing everything from the strength of their economies, all the way to their natural environment.

    Legatum looks at more than 100 different variables, including traditional indicators like per-capita gross domestic product and the number of people in full-time work. It also analyzes more esoteric data such as the number of secure internet servers a country has, and how well-rested people feel on a day-to-day basis.

    The variables are then split into nine subindexes: economic quality, business environment, governance, personal freedom, social capital, safety and security, education, health, and natural environment.

    The index looked at the 149 countries in the world that have the most available data. 

    Norway has held the top spot for eight of the last nine years, dethroned only once by New Zealand in 2016, but could the Nordic nation hold on to top spot in 2018?

    Check out the ranking below.

    SEE ALSO: The 32 most corrupt countries in the world

    37. Israel

    2017 position: 38th

    Highest sub-category ranking: Health (16th)

    Number of top 10 sub-category rankings: 0

    36. Lithuania

    2017 position: 41st

    Highest sub-category ranking: Natural environment (18th)

    Number of top 10 sub-category rankings: 0

    35. South Korea

    2017 position: 36th

    Highest sub-category ranking: Education (17th)

    Number of top 10 sub-category rankings: 0

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    man reading outside

    Every year, JPMorgan polls its more than 200,000 employees for the next big trends in movies, books, music, theater, and more.

    Coined the #NextList2019, this year's recommendations range from LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman's new book to adventures like an immersive art exhibit in Tokyo. 

    “The holidays are a great time for discovery – and the J.P. Morgan #NextList2019 captures the spirit of the season with a selection of 12 of the world’s most exciting and compelling new books and experiences,” Darin Oduyoye, the head of communications for JPMorgan's asset and wealth management arm, said in a press release.

    “Our clients are citizens of the world and always want to have a finger on the pulse of what’s next – whether that’s in investing, philanthropy, business or in arts and culture,” he said.

    Here's the full list, with commentary from JPMorgan about why you should check out each suggestion.

    "Blitzscaling: The Lightning-Fast Path to Building Massively Valuable Companies" by Reid Hoffman and Chris Yeh, Foreword by Bill Gates.

    "Reid Hoffman has business startup credentials to rival the best of them. Not only is he a co-founder of LinkedIn and a founding board member of PayPal, he is also an angel investor in Facebook. In his new book, Blitzscaling, he once again partners with fellow best-selling author, entrepreneur and longtime friend Chris Yeh. Together, they use their hard-won wisdom to advise ambitious entrepreneurs on how to manage their businesses to experience and endure explosive growth."

    "Using case studies from companies they have invested in and mentored, Hoffman and Yeh offer the latest techniques from Silicon Valley on navigating the chaos that comes from breakneck expansion."

    Buy it on Amazon »

    "Destination Art: 500 Artworks Worth the Trip" by Phaidon

    "Most tourists visit top museums when on holiday, butDestination Art is a guide to a broader, more adventurous palette. Travelers researching trips from Australia to Zimbabwe will find suggestions that vary from lesser-known works of public art in city centers to remote works of land sculpture."

    "The book offers a clear geographic organization and precise logistical details—including GPS coordinates, addresses, websites and symbols indicating the degree of possible access. Choosing among provocative new art experiences will be the hardest part of the challenge."

    Buy it on Amazon »

    "Experience" by Michelle Kuo (Phaidon)

    "Experience showcases the works of one of today’s most influential and eclectic artists, Olafur Eliasson. The Icelandic-Danish artist is best known for large-scale installations employing elemental materials like light, water and air temperature to affect the viewer’s experiences. But this book also covers his new media artwork—and all of it is captured with vivid illustrations and photography."

    Buy it on Amazon »

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    spider man into the spider verse 2 sony

    • "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" has the perfect blend of geeked-out elements for the fanboys and a story structure that keeps audiences with less comic knowledge up to speed.
    • On top of pulling off that feat, the movie's comic-book-come-to-life look is beautiful.
    • This is the best animated movie you'll see this year.


    Turns out Sony isn’t through putting its sweet Marvel properties in theaters this year.

    With “Venom” still making major coin around the world, the studio is searching for more with the animated movie, “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” (in theaters December 14).

    As the live-action Spider-Man franchise is successfully rebooting itself with Tom Holland as Peter Parker in Marvel Studio’s MCU, Sony went full geek with its animated introduction to Miles Morales.

    If you’re not up on your Spider-Man comics, Morales, an Afro-Latino teen, started being your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man around 2011 in Marvel's Ultimate Comics series. But “Spider-Verse” doesn't stop there in introducing other folks who have taken on the great responsibility of being the iconic hero.

    spider man into the spider verse dom SpiderVerse_SonyDirected by Bob Persichetti (a longtime animator), Peter Ramsey (2012’s “Rise of the Guardians”), and Rodney Rothman (producer on “Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping”), under the watchful eye of producers Christopher Miller and Phil Lord (Rotham and Lord also wrote the screenplay), “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” gives us a unique Miles Morales origin story by having him learn the superhero trade from a handful of others who also call themselves Spider-Man in other universes.

    Let me explain.

    Miles Morales (voiced by Shameik Moore) is just a high schooler in Brooklyn going about the usual things every teen boy experiences at this age. He's trying to impress girls and not be embarrassed by his parents. But after being bitten by (you guessed it) a spider, Morales suddenly has superhero powers. And it’s just in time because Kingpin (Liev Shreiber) has opened a portal to other universes, and if Morales doesn’t do something about it, his universe will be destroyed.

    And this is when Peter Parker (Jake Johnson) shows up. But he's a Peter Parker from another universe, one where he’s added a few pounds and is having relationship troubles with Mary Jane. Now stuck in Morales’ universe, Parker has to help so he can get himself back to his not-so-amazing life.

    Here’s where the writing really shines as Moore and Johnson play off one another to develop a chemistry for Morales and Parker that is the foundation of the movie. Once that’s established, the fun begins as even more Spider-Men appear.

    spider man into the spider verse 1 sonySpider-Gwen (Hailee Steinfeld), Spider-Ham (John Mulaney), Peni Parker (Kimiko Glenn), and Spider-Man Noir (Nicolas Cage) all get sucked into Miles’ universe from their own. And they all now have to battle Kingpin to get back home, though they aren’t too sure if Miles is up for the big showdown. Still finding confidence in his abilities (struggling to be himself instead of emulating how Parker or any of the others do their own kind of Spider-Man), will Miles be a liability?

    Read more: 22 movies coming to theaters before 2018 ends that you need to see this holiday season

    One of the movie’s major strengths is that it is a treasure trove for fanboys while not leaving the less comic-book savvy segments of the audience on the outside. And along with the movie’s beautifully told coming-of-age tale, visually it has a comic-book-come-to-life feel — all the way down to the “BANG!” and “SLAP” big letter text coming on the screen. The animation pops especially in the action sequences. It’s a movie that needs that huge screen treatment to fully appreciate. But just the story and funny dialogue — the latter of which we've come to expect from Lord and Miller, the minds behind everything from "The Lego Movie" to the Fox TV show "The Last Man on Earth"— is worth the price of admission.

    All this makes “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” the best animated movie of the year.

    From its look, to pulling off multiple character arcs without overwhelming the audience, to telling a story that’s actually worth following, the movie goes a step beyond any other animated movie released in 2018.

    SEE ALSO: 14 emerging movie directors who will take over Hollywood in 2019 and beyond

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    Canary Wharf

    • Banks and financial firms that make up 6.5% of UK GDP have already taken precautionary measures to prep for Brexit, meaning a lot of damage is already done.
    • Banking is just the tip of the iceberg with many other industries also making irrevocable decisions

    The UK Chancellor Philip Hammond today released official assessments showing that he UK economy will be hit under all likely Brexit outcomes.

    But, the damage to the economy from Brexit is already afoot — so much so that the act of leaving the EU itself is, at this point, increasingly irrelevant.

    Leaders of companies with UK operations haven't been taking any chances. The mere whiff of uncertainty surrounding a soft, hard, no-deal or any other Brexit has been enough to send them packing. These moves won't be undone, even if Brexit were somehow cancelled.

    The impact on the City of London could be especially damaging — financial services, heavily concentrated in the capital, account for 6.5% of the UK's GDP.

    "I don't believe Brexit can be a trigger for a financial crisis or a banking crisis," Sergio Ermotti, CEO of Swiss investment firm UBS, told Bloomberg back in September. "But it could undermine investments, and trigger maybe a slowdown in the economy. That's clear."  

    Here's a roundup of the financial exodus so far: 

    • US bank giants Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, and Citigroup have moved 250 billion euros ($283 billion) of balance-sheet assets to Frankfurt because of Brexit
    • Bank of America is spending $400 million to move staff and operations in anticipation of Brexit, and is trying to persuade London staff to move to Paris. 
    • Barclays is seeking to transfer €250 billion ($280.8 billion) of business to Dublin and is set to become Ireland's biggest bank
    • France's BNP Paribas, Credit Agricole, and Societe Generale have opted to transfer 500 staff out of London to Paris. 
    • UBS has chosen German financial center Frankfurt for its new EU headquarters. 
    • Swiss peer Credit Suisse is moving 250 jobs to Germany, Madrid, and Luxembourg among other EU 27 countries as well as $200 million from its market division to Germany. 
    • Germany's Deutsche Bank is also considering shifting large volumes of assets to Frankfurt as part of its Brexit plan.
    • HSBC, Europe's biggest bank, has shifted ownership of many of its European subsidiaries from its London-based entity to its French unit.
    • Australia's largest bank by assets, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, has set in motion plans to base around 50 staff in Amsterdam, and has applied for a banking licence in the country.
    • Other Australian lenders Macquarie, Westpac, and ANZ are also in talks to move operations to Dublin and continental Europe. 
    • Europe’s biggest repo trading venue, called BrokerTec, is being moved to Amsterdam from London, meaning a $240 billion a day repo business is leaving the UK. 
    • More than 100 UK-based asset managers and funds have applied to the Irish central bank for authorization in Ireland.

    The impact of these changes will see less tax revenue for the government, fewer jobs, and a dent in dealmaking, taking a shine off the City's lustre.

    And that's just financial services.

    Schaeffler, a car parts company, is closing two UK factories because of Brexit, leading to 570 fewer jobs. Among others: There's a "Brexit-busting" ferry that sidesteps UK trade routes, drug companies are stockpiling medicine, and investors in the once-vibrant UK tech scene are drying up. (A great Twitter thread by a self-described 48%-er in Cambridge lists a wide array of industry impact. You can read it here.)

    SEE ALSO: The UK government admits Brexit will inevitably leave Britain poorer

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    Tiffany & Co.

    • Tiffany reported third-quarter comparable sales that fell short of Wall Street estimates as spending by Chinese tourists slowed in some regions.
    • The high-end jeweler also missed on both the top and bottom lines.
    • Full-year earnings guidance also fell short.
    • Shares plunged more than 11%.
    • Watch Tiffany trade live.

    Tiffany shares tumbled Wednesday morning, down more than 11%, after the company reported comparable sales that fell well short of Wall Street estimates. 

    The high-end jeweler said total comparabale sales, excluding foreign-exchange fluctuations, rose 3% in the third quarter, missing the 5.6% gain that analysts surveyed by Bloomberg were expecting. It reported earnings of $0.77 a share on revenue of $1.01 billion, missing the $0.78 and $1.05 billion that analysts were hoping for.

    Tiffany said strong spending by local customers was offset by lower spending attributed to foreign tourists, primarily Chinese, in some regions.

    "It is worth noting that in the third quarter our sales attributed to local customers continued to grow at a strong rate worldwide and were positive in every region, with particularly strong growth in mainland China," CEO Alessandro Bogliolo said in the earnings release.

    "Jewelry volumes also increased in the quarter and year to date. This resulted in mid-single-digit net sales growth in the quarter and even higher growth year-to-date, despite lower-than-expected spending in the third quarter attributed to Chinese tourists in the U.S. and Hong Kong and lower wholesale travel-retail sales in Korea." 

    Tiffany reported a 15% jump in selling, general, and administrative expenses in both the third quarter and for the year, reflecting an increase in marketing spending and higher labor costs. It also increased spending on technology, visual merchandising, digital, and store presentations. 

    Looking ahead, the company said it sees full year earnings of $4.65 to $4.80 per diluted share, missing the Bloomberg consensus of $4.83.

    Tiffany was up 11.6% this year through Tuesday, trading at $104.95 a share.


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    Small armoured artillery ship Berdyansk is seen in Odessa, Ukraine June 2, 2016. Picture taken June 2, 2016.

    Photos emerged on Tuesday of one of the Ukrainian artillery boats that was heavily damaged after the Russian military fired upon it on Sunday off the coast of Crimea. 

    The Russian navy fired on two Ukrainian naval vessels and rammed a third in the Kerch Strait, which connects the Sea of Azov and Black Sea. It then captured the three vessels and the 23 sailors on board, six of whom were wounded in the incident. 

    The three Ukrainian vessels tried to pass through the strait and had given notice to the Russians, according to The Associated Press. Russian officials said the Ukrainian sailors were given warning to turn back before a Russian ship or aircraft opened fire, according to the Russian-government funded RT.

    While the exact sequence is unclear, the damage the Russian weapon or weapons left is heavy.

    Ukraine has since declared martial law in 10 of the country's regions, and a Russian court has also ordered 12 of the 23 captured sailors to be held in custody for two months. 

    The captured Ukrainian naval vessels were two Gurza-M class artillery boats, the Nikopol and Berdiansk, and one tugboat, the Yani Kapu.

    The photos released showed the heavy damages to the Berdyansk (or Berdiansk), one of the damaged Ukrainian artillery boats.

    Here's what it looks like. 

    SEE ALSO: What we know about the 3 Ukrainian naval vessels that Russia just fired upon and seized

    SEE ALSO: 11 photos of the Su-30SM, the Russian fighter jet that just crashed in Syria

    A Russian weapon blew a window-sized hole in the artillery boat's pilothouse, where crewmembers steer the boat. It appears to have been hit by a 30mm gun from a Russian warship or a weapon fired from a Su-30 Russian fighter jet.

    Russia deployed four warships, as well as Ka-52 combat helicopters and Su-30 fighter jets during the incident.

    “According to the confirmed SBU operative information, one of the Russian strike aircraft used two unmanned combat missiles against the Ukrainian boats, heavily wounding one of the SBU officers,” Vasyl Hrytsak, the head of Ukraine's security service, the SBU, said in a statement.

    Hrystak did not specify if the above damage to the Berdyansk was from the Su-30. 

    Source: Defence Blog, Stars and Stripes

    Here's another damaged section closer to the stern of the Berdyansk.

    And here's a close-up.

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    Ballybrack FC fake Fernando Nuno La Fuente's death

    • An Irish soccer team faked a player's death so it could get out of playing a league match at the weekend.
    • Ballybrack FC said Fernando Nuno La-Fuente died in a road accident on Friday.
    • The Leinster Senior League postponed its weekend match, organised a minute's silence at other league matches, and published a death notice in an Irish newspaper.
    • The lie quickly unravelled and so Ballybrack backtracked, issuing a grovelling apology this week.
    • La-Fuente, though, saw the funny side. He said he was playing video games at home when he found out he was dead.
    • Read all of Business Insider's coverage for the 2018-2019 European soccer season right here.

    An Irish soccer team has issued a grovelling apology after it faked a player's death to get a league match postponed.

    Ballybrack FC, an amateur soccer club in Dublin, told the Leinster Senior League that Fernando Nuno La-Fuente had died in a motorbike accident on Friday, November 23.

    The league postponed Ballybrack's match against Arklow Town, organised a one minute silence before the kick off of other league matches, and published a death notice in an Irish newspaper to offer its "heartfelt condolences" to the La-Fuenta family and all at Ballybrack, the BBC reports.

    Liffey Wanderers FC was one of the teams to observe a minute's silence before a match and even posted a photograph of the moment on its Facebook account.

    Read more: RANKED: The 27 most dominant soccer players in the world right now

    But Fuente was not dead at all, so it was not long before Ballybrack backtracked.

    On Tuesday, the club said the management team made "a gross error of judgment" and that the person in question had been "relieved of all footballing duties,"according to a statement posted on the club's Facebook page.

    But La-Fuente saw the funny side. "I was playing some video games and suddenly I got a call from work and they said 'You're a celebrity.' That's how I found out that I was dead,"he told RTE 1 radio on Wednesday.

    La-Fuente said he always knew something was amiss as the club had contacted him beforehand to tell him to ignore any forthcoming statement from the Leinster Senior League that might claim he had "an accident."

    He was expecting fake news of an injury like a leg break, so when he heard he had died, he wrote to the league to say he was actually alive. "They wrote straight back and apologised," he said.

    La-Fuente, who recently moved to Galway and cannot play for Ballybrack anymore, said he did not believe the team was afraid of playing Arklow but probably having "a rough time getting players."

    La-Fuente said his wife had "some Facebook fuss" and he called his mother "because she didn't know anything."

    He added: "I find it a little bit funny because I am not dead and no one has actually been harmed."

    SEE ALSO: RANKED: The 27 most dominant soccer players in the world right now

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    kristina udice

    • Growing up, being overweight and having rather large breasts caused me many problems.
    • When I was 18 years old, I got breast reduction surgery.
    • The recovery process wasn't easy, but I wouldn't change a thing.
    • Since getting the surgery, I have been able to lose 50 pounds. 

    I grew up overweight and I also grew up with rather large breasts.

    Both were a problem I dealt with throughout my adolescence and in my teenage years. Starting in middle school, I noticed my breasts were getting big — they were getting much bigger than other girls' breasts — and I hated it. 

    The trend continued well into high school, only now they weren't just annoying, they were downright detrimental. It was hard to work out — running in gym class, playing softball, and jumping in the pool were all things I couldn't do because I just couldn't seem to control my chest. It truly had a mind of its own. And it, in turn, led me to spiral into a state of self-consciousness and anxiety.

    On top of that, I'd get horrible aches and pains in my back and shoulders. Even just the act of wearing a bra would put such a strain on my body that, at the end of the day, I'd have deep red marks on my shoulders that would bruise and chafe.

    And that's when I started to consider getting breast reduction surgery

    brasI was still just a teenager at the time — full of hormones, raging insecurities and all of the emotions that come with being a teenager. But I knew that in order to feel happy and to truly accept myself and feel comfortable in my own skin, I'd have to make a change.

    Of course, I tried the traditional paths. I worked out. I ate healthier. But nothing worked. And it had a negative impact on my psyche. But I pushed through, I stayed strong, and I worked my butt off.

    I talked to my doctor about breast reduction surgery when I was 17. I was still in high school, but my doctor was more than accepting and encouraging — and so was my mom. I really wouldn't have been able to do it without her, I don't think.

    And that's when I kick-started my journey. At 17 I was graduating high school, getting ready for college, and taking the necessary steps that would allow me to get the surgery I hoped would solve at least some of my problems.

    The process was pretty straightforward. First, I spent some time talking to doctors and detailing the issues I was facing. Then, I was sent to a physical therapist. After a few weeks of trying to correct my posture and alleviate my muscle strain, I had another appointment with my doctor. And since my problems persisted, they sent me to a plastic surgeon.

    It's all smooth sailing from here — at least, physically. Mentally, I had a lot of questions, concerns, and doubts. This was the only thing I wanted for so long but suddenly, the closer it got the more worried I became.

    Would I regret it? What if it goes wrong? What if I'm just overreacting?

    I wondered if there was more to my inability to lose weight and the restrictions my size F breasts had on my abilities to perform relatively basic tasks.

    Ultimately, I believed in myself and what I was doing

    hospital bedOn an early morning in the spring after I turned 18, I had the surgery. It only took a few hours — I was in the hospital in the morning and awake by the afternoon. I had to spend one night in the hospital, but by the next morning, I was sent home.

    It all felt like a dream — but that was probably thanks to all the drugs I was on. I don't remember feeling much different, at least not initially.

    I did have to keep going back to my doctor for a few weeks after surgery. Essentially, they suited me up with drainage tubes right at the edge of my breasts. And they had to be drained, checked and eventually removed over the next few weeks.

    It took a while for the swelling to go down. I didn't really notice the difference until a few weeks later when everything had fallen into place and situated itself.

    Of course, I was in pain. For the first week, I definitely felt sore all over my chest and couldn't really do much with my arms. But as the weeks progressed, it got less and less intense.

    It took me about three weeks to really feel different and by week four — even though I definitely wasn't supposed to be — I was out and about again. I was going on hikes, working out and going to class.

    I was able to actually go on runs and swim in the pool and wear a strapless dress. I still had body issues, but with my newfound freedom, I felt like a weight had been literally and figuratively lifted off of my chest. I was able to look at things completely differently.

    In the first few months after my surgery, I lost 15 pounds. And yes, some of that was from the actual weight of the breast removal itself. In the year after my surgery, I lost 30 pounds. And ever since my surgery, I've lost 50 pounds total.

    And I wouldn't have been able to do so many things if I hadn't gotten my breast reduction surgery

    Kristina UdiceI truly couldn't do many things others could because of my breasts. It was a problem that demanded a solution and I did everything in my power to correct that solution to better myself, my mind, my body, and my overall health.

    My breast reduction surgery and weight loss-journey were difficult. It was a long, hard, and sometimes seemingly impossible process. I was irritated, frustrated, and miserable a lot.

    But by getting this surgery, I was able to change my perceptions and really accept myself no matter what. I wasn't on this journey for anyone else. I wasn't doing it to make other people happy or to fit in with a societal mold. I did it because it was what felt right for me and I wouldn't change a thing.

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    kendall jenner basketball game

    • Kendall Jenner attended the Philadelphia 76ers basketball game on Friday, apparently cheering on her reported boyfriend Ben Simmons.
    • The team lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers, clocking the Sixers' first defeat at home this season.
    • In response, Sixers fans started a petition to ban Jenner from home games at the Wells Fargo Center. It currently has nearly 10,000 signatures.
    • "[The loss] was inexplicable and Jenner's detrimental behavior is clearly to blame," the petition reads.
    • Other fans have come to her defense.

    Kendall Jenner was spotted cheering on her reported boyfriend, NBA star Ben Simmons, at the Philadelphia 76ers basketball game on Friday — apparently exhibiting behavior that Sixers fans have dubbed "detrimental" to the team.

    After the 76ers lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers, clocking the team's first defeat at home this season, Philadelphians responded by launching a petition to ban Jenner from the Wells Fargo Center.

    "It is not a coincidence that the Sixers, who had started the season 10-0 at home, lost their first home game of the year the first time Jenner shows up," the petition reads. "It was inexplicable and Jenner's detrimental behavior is clearly to blame."

    "At this point, Jenner is not only damaging the future of this franchise but the livelihood of innocent men as well," it continues. "It is disgusting behavior on her part."

    "If the Jenner/Kardashian family has any shred of decency left, Kendall will never again show her face at the Wells Fargo Center."

    The petition, apparently written by Philadelphia native Aidan Powers, calls the Kardashians a "notorious, career killing" family.

    A Twitter user by the same name has tweeted about the petition numerous times, imploring fellow Sixers fans to sign and help "rid [the team] of this Kardashian evil."

    Other Sixers fans, however, have come to Jenner's defense. Some have noted — as Katie McInerney wrote for the Philadelphia Inquirer —  that blaming Jenner for a poor performance by professional basketball players has sexist implications

    A smaller (and notably less popular) petition to keep Jenner around was even started in response to the original.

    "According to TMZ Sports, Ben and Kendall got back together on November 3rd. Since then, the Sixers are 9-4 and are now 1.5 games out of 2nd place in the East. The numbers simply aren't bearing out a Kardashian curse," the second petition reads.

    According to E! News, Simmons and Jenner are dating again but "aren't boyfriend and girlfriend."

    Read more: 5 things to know about Kendall Jenner's apparent love interest Ben Simmons

    The couple first sparked romance speculation this summer and appeared to heat up quickly — even reportedly moving in together — but their relationship seemed to cool off just a few months later.

    ben simmons

    Jenner also attended a Sixers game against the Brooklyn Nets at Barclays Center on Sunday, which Philadelphia won.

    Representatives for Jenner didn't immediately respond to INSIDER's request for comment.

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    Assassin's Creed Odysessy

    It's been a great year for video games.

    With the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One approaching the end of their life cycles, developers have delivered some of the best games of the console generation during 2018. The Nintendo Switch has also continued to expand its library of games in its second year, with some unique titles making ideal use of the portable console's strengths.

    Open-world adventure games continue to dominate the mainstream market, but an increasingly diverse audience has brought fresh demand for games with engaging narratives and innovation for classic genres. Coupled with ever-improving technology and developing platforms like virtual reality, 2018 had no shortage of memorable releases.

    Without further ado, here are the 18 can't-miss games released during 2018:

    SEE ALSO: The 3 biggest games on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch this holiday season

    SEE ALSO: 3 video games that deserve a second chance

    "Monster Hunter World" (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC)

    "Monster Hunter" may not be a household name like "Super Mario" or "Tomb Raider," but the action role-playing series is one of the most popular video game franchises in Japan and has garnered a healthy fanbase around the world.

    Though the series has typically been developed for handheld gaming systems, "Monster Hunter World" is the first "Monster Hunter" game in nearly 10 years made for home consoles. The result is a remarkably beautiful adventure that asks players to stand in awe of nature, even as they attempt to tame massive dragons and wild creatures.

    "Marvel's Spider-Man" (PlayStation 4)

    "Marvel's Spider-Man" is one the year's most popular games, and rightfully so. The PlayStation 4 exclusive takes cues from open-world action games like "Batman Arkham Knight" and "Shadow of Mordor" but introduces a new version of Spider-Man alongside a nearly picture-perfect rendering of Manhattan.

    With a compelling original story that blends action and humor, "Marvel's Spider-Man" is a love letter to the character's legions of fans worldwide.

    "Dragon Ball FighterZ" (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC)

    There have been plenty of Dragon Ball Z fighting games over the years, but the series has never looked better than it does with Arc System Works' custom cell-shaded graphics. Underneath the anime aesthetics, the game is still a masterfully crafted fighter, featuring team-based gameplay inspired by "Marvel vs Capcom" and implementing mechanics from other Arc Sys games like "Guilty Gear" and "BlazBlue."

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    Bernie Sanders

    • Sen. Bernie Sanders on Wednesday slammed the US support for Saudi Arabia in the Yemen conflict.
    • "No more! Enough death. Enough killing. Enough destruction," Sanders said.
    • The conflict in Yemen, a fight between Iran-backed Houthi rebels and a Saudi-led coalition, has claimed thousands of lives.
    • The Vermont senator also ripped into President Donald Trump for standing by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman over the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. 

    Sen. Bernie Sanders on Wednesday slammed US its support for Saudi Arabia in the conflict in Yemen.

    The independent Vermont senator said it was time for the US to send a message to the world it will not "continue to support a catastrophic war led by a despotic regime that has a dangerous, destructive, and irresponsible" military policies. 

    "No more! Enough death. Enough killing. Enough destruction," Sanders said. "The time is now to tell Saudi Arabia that we are not committing to partner with them in this horrific crisis."

    Sanders, the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, is pushing for the Senate to adopt a resolution ending US support for Saudi Arabia in Yemen alongside Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy and Republican Sen. Mike Lee.

    The Senate was set to vote on the resolution later Wednesday.

    Sanders in his remarks before the vote characterized the US's role in Yemen as "unconstitutional" given that Congress had not weighed in on the matter. He said Congress had long "abdicated" its responsibility regarding war powers as outlined in the US Constitution, saying it was time for this to change. 

    Read more: Trump is wrong, Saudi Arabia needs the US a lot more than the US needs the kingdom

    The conflict in Yemen, a fight between Iran-backed Houthi rebels and a Saudi-led coalition, has claimed thousands of lives. After several years of fighting, the war has claimed nearly 58,000 lives, according to the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project. Famine and disease have also been a byproduct of the war.

    The US has provided military assistance to Saudi Arabia throughout the conflict, primarily through arms sales and logistical support. In August, a US-made bomb was dropped on a school bus in Yemen, killing dozens of children. Sanders mentioned the incident Wednesday as he decried US complicity in the conflict. 

    Read more: 'We just bombed a school bus': Top Democratic senator slams the US for its involvement in bloody Yemen war after bus full of children hit in airstrike

    The Vermont senator also ripped into President Donald Trump for standing by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in the midst of both the war and the ongoing controversy over the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

    Khashoggi, who was often critical of the crown prince and the royal family in his writing, was killed in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on October 2. The CIA has reportedly concluded with "high confidence" his killing was ordered by the crown prince, but Trump has continued to stand by the crown prince.

    "President Trump rejected the findings of the CIA's assessment," Sanders said. "Sadly, President Trump continues to proclaim his love and affection for the Saudi regime."

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    Dog paw

    • There are some foods that are better suited for dogs than others. 
    • Bananas and watermelon, for example, are OK to feed your dog in moderation.
    • Here are 13 human foods that you can feel good about feeding to your dog

    Your dog might feel like a member of the family, but that doesn’t mean he can chow down all the foods you can. Dogs metabolize foods differently than people, which means certain treats that are completely safe for humans may be highly toxic to dogs.

    Here are a few human foods that are safe for dogs to eat as well.

    Apples are a safe and healthy treat for dogs.

    Apples are asafe snack for dogs and contain plenty of beneficial fiber. They also contain vitamins and mineral that can help support a healthy digestive system. However, you should always remove any seeds before giving apples to dogs. Apple seeds contain cyanide,which is poisonous to both humans and dogs in large amounts.

    Eggs are safe for dogs as long as they are fully cooked.

    Eggs are a perfectly safe food for dogsas long as they are fully cooked, according to the American Kennel Club. It’s important to make sure that the whites have been cooked all the way through before serving them to your pup, as eating raw egg whites can cause a biotin deficient in dogs. When cooked, eggs are a good source of protein and can even calm an upset stomach.

    Natural peanut butter is okay for dogs, but sugar-free varieties should be avoided.

    Peanut butter can actually bea good source of protein and vitamin B for people and pooches alike. When feeding your dog peanut butter, the American Kennel Club recommended sticking to raw, unsalted varieties. Sugar-free peanut butter can contain xylitol, which is toxic to dogs.

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    john ruhlin giftology

    • Business cards are an afterthought for many people, but for entrepreneur John Ruhlin, they're a great way to make a good first impression.
    • Ruhlin spends $3 on business cards and $9 on company letterheads that are made out of solid aluminum and engraved with his contact information.
    • He says it's smart to invest in things that will generate interest in your company and have a high chance of being shared among clients and potential customers.

    How much is a good first impression worth?

    For John Ruhlin, it's $3. At least that's how much he pays for each one of his business cards, which are square and made of solid aluminum.

    While many people treat business cards as an afterthought, Ruhlin said his pricey metal cards are an investment that has led to increased referrals for his company the Ruhlin Group, which advises on the art of corporate gift-giving.

    When done well, Ruhlin wrote in his 2016 book "Giftology," a business card can spark conversations that wouldn't have happened otherwise.

    In the book, Ruhlin recalled an interaction with a former CEO of Lowe's in which Ruhlin was describing his business, but the CEO was "completely glazed over, barely listening."

    That all changed when Ruhlin asked to exchange business cards.

    "He slowly looked down at the card, up at me, down at the card, and up again, before exclaiming, 'This is the coolest fricken card [except, he didn't say fricken] I've ever seen! What do you do again?" Ruhlin recalled.

    Read more:Here are the secrets to a great business card

    Ruhlin said he gets plenty of criticism for shelling out so much on business cards. No manufacturer he contacted had ever created such an expensive card, he said. But he didn't go broke from making the cards — in fact, business went up after he started handing them out.

    For Ruhlin, it's all about keeping his company at the top of his potential clients' minds.

    "It's an ironic question because I see companies spending $10 on a brochure that will inevitably end up in the trash can," Ruhlin wrote in the book. "To me, a three-dollar business card is a tremendously good investment because I know for a fact that the recipient will show it to twenty other people before he or she gets home. Plus, when I follow up with an email and write 'Metal business card' in the subject line, people know exactly who I am, when we talked, and what we talked about."

    letterhead john ruhlin

    Ruhlin uses the same logic to justify his company's letterheads, which, like his business cards, are a solid sheet of aluminum engraved with his company's information. Those cost $9 a pop, Ruhlin says. His company hand writes messages on them in Sharpie.

    "This is another area where cost per impression comes into play," Ruhlin said. "Generally speaking, most companies won't blink twice about spending money to print their logo onto a cheap tchotchke. Why not invest that money in something innovative that will get people talking and create multiple positive impressions?"

    "It's not necessarily about spending more money. It's about being smarter about spending money."

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