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    andy samberg sandra oh

    • Co-host Sandra Oh used the opening monologue at the 2019 Golden Globes Sunday at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills to briefly address whitewashing in Hollywood.
    • Oh knocked both "Ghost in the Shell" and "Aloha," which starred white women in Asian roles. 
    • A woman can be heard yelling out, "I'm sorry!," immediately following the joke.
    • Many believe it was Emma Stone, who controversially played a woman of Asian descent in 2015's "Aloha."

    "Killing Eve" star Sandra Oh is co-hosting the 2019 Golden Globes at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills Sunday, and the actress used the opening monologue to make a joke knocking two movies that have whitewashed Asian Americans in Hollywood.

    "'Crazy Rich Asians' is nominated tonight for best picture — musical or comedy. It is the first studio film with an Asian American lead since 'Ghost in the Shell' and 'Aloha,'" joked Oh.

    Of course, neither of those latter two movies starred Asian American leads. Paramount's "Ghost in the Shell" and Columbia's "Aloha" starred Scarlett Johansson and Emma Stone, respectively, in the roles of women of Asian descent.

    Immediately after the joke, a woman could be heard yelling, "I'm sorry!" from the audience.

    You can watch the moment below:

    In response, Oh put her hands up to her heart.

    sandra oh hands heart golden globes

    Fans were instantly convinced it was Emma Stone, who was criticized for playing a woman of Hawaiian and Asian heritage in Cameron Crowe's 2015 movie, "Aloha."

    Stone later confirmed to The Los Angeles Times that it was indeed she who yelled out from the audience. 

    "It wasn't like I planned it, but I did say it," said Stone. 

    Read more: Golden Globe winner Sandra Oh thanked her parents in Korean and people are loving it

    Stone has addressed the controversy in 2015 with saying she became the "butt of many jokes."

    "I’ve learned on a macro level about the insane history of whitewashing in Hollywood and how prevalent the problem truly is. It’s ignited a conversation that’s very important," said Stone of her role in "Aloha."

    At the time, she did defend her role as the character named Allison Ng.

    "The character was not supposed to look like her background, which was a quarter Hawaiian and a quarter Chinese," Stone added.

    This story was updated to reflect Stone's confirmation.

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    This is a preview of a research report from Business Insider Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service. To learn more about Business Insider Intelligence, click here.

    Most Commonly Used Platforms bu UK Gig Economy Workers

    The gig economy is becoming a core element of the labor market, pushed to the fore by platforms like Uber and Airbnb. Gig economy workers are freelancers, such as journalists who don’t work for one publication directly, freelance developers, drivers on platforms like Uber and Grab, and consumers who rent out their apartments via Airbnb or other home-sharing sites.

    Gig economy workers are not employed by these platforms, and therefore typically don't receive conventional employee perks, such as insurance or retirement options. This has created a lucrative opportunity to provide tailored insurance policies for the gig economy. 

    A number of insurtech startups — including UK-based Dinghy, which focuses on liability insurance, and US-based Slice, which provides on-demand insurance for a range of areas — have moved to capitalize on this new segment of the labor market. These companies have been busy finding new ways to personalize insurance products by incorporating emerging technologies, including AI and chatbots, to target the gig economy.

    In this report, Business Insider Intelligence examines how insurtechs have begun addressing the gig economy, the kinds of policies they are offering, and how incumbents can tap the market themselves. We have opted to focus on three areas of insurance particularly relevant to the gig economy: vehicle insurance, home insurance, and equipment and liability insurance.

    While every consumer needs health insurance, there are already a number of insurtechs and incumbent insurers that offer policies for individuals. However, when it comes to insuring work equipment or other utilities for freelancers, it's much more difficult to find suitable coverage. As such, this is the gap in the market where we see the most opportunity to deploy new products.

    The companies mentioned in this report are: Airbnb, Deliveroo, Dinghy, Grab, Progressive, Slice, Uber, Urban Jungle, and Zego.

    Here are some of the key takeaways from the report:

    • By 2027, the majority of the US workforce will work as freelancers, per Upwork and Freelancer Union, though not all of these workers will take part in the gig economy full time.
    • By personalizing policies for gig economy workers, insurtechs have been able to tap this opportunity early. 
    • A number of other insurtechs, including Slice and UK-based Zego, offer temporary vehicle insurance, which users can switch on and off, depending on when they are working.
    • Slice has also developed a new insurance model that combines traditional home insurance with business coverage for temporary use.
    • Other freelancers like photojournalists need insurance for their camera, for example, a coverage area that Dinghy has tackled.
    • Incumbent insurers have a huge opportunity to leverage their reach and well-known brands to pull in the gig economy and secure a share of this growing segment — and partnering with startups might be the best approach.

     In full, the report:

    • Details what the gig economy landscape looks like in different markets.
    • Explains how different insurtechs are tackling the gig economy with new personalized policies.
    • Highlights possible pain points for incumbents when trying to enter this market.
    • Discusses how incumbents can get a piece of the pie by partnering with startups.


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    first man ryan gosling

    • "First Man" won a Golden Globe for best score on Sunday.
    • The movie's composer, Justin Hurwitz ("La La Land"), spoke to Business Insider about the challenges of making one of the best scores of the year.
    • Those challenges included Hurwitz composing with electronic instruments for the first time, and the detail that went into the music played during the thrilling moon landing scene.


    Coming off two Oscar wins for 2016's "La La Land," composer Justin Hurwitz is back in the award season race with his latest collaboration with director Damien Chazelle, "First Man," which won a best score Golden Globe on Sunday.

    The look at the life of Neil Armstrong (played by Ryan Gosling), leading up to his legendary trip to the moon on Apollo 11, received mixed reactions when it opened due its slow-burn feel. But the work of Hurwitz has been universally praised. His mixture of percussion and electronic sound is a far cry from the song-and-dance musical feel of "La La Land," but perfectly accompanies Chazelle's telling of Armstrong's intimate story.

    To get the sound right, Hurwitz began work composing the score in preproduction and had to get out of his comfort zone by working with instruments he'd never used before.

    Read more: Here are all the Golden Globes 2019 winners

    "Damien asked me to figure out ways for the movie to sound very different from any of the other scores that we've done," Hurwitz told Business Insider after the Golden Globes nominations were announced in early December. "He wanted me to learn a lot of electronic. We had never done any kind of electronic music before."

    Hurwitz said Chazelle suggested he get his hands on a Theremin, which in the past has given eerie sounds in movies like the 1951 sci-fi classic "The Day the Earth Stood Still" and Alfred Hitchcock's "Spellbound." Hurwitz kept it in his office for months, playing with it constantly, and got so into it that the demos he made with it were used in the movie.

    Justin Hurwitz Getty"I thought we would hire the best person who knows how to use it to play it for the movie, but I had laid down cues so many times that by the time we got to the end of the process, Damien just liked the tracks and kept them in," Hurwitz said.

    But that wasn't the only first for Hurwitz. He also created his own samples for the score. He said he recorded metal sounds, burning fire, and water running and combined them all into a sample that he used throughout the movie.

    "I had never done that before, designing musical sounds," he said. "That was a challenge and exciting to learn."

    Music ideas evolved out of preproduction into the shooting. Hurwitz said there would be weekly friends and family screenings in which the music was scrutinized. Over days, weeks, and months the music would change often, sometimes even the instruments were swapped for others. Hurwitz said that it wasn't until post production that the harp was found to be the right choice as a main instrument to use throughout the score. 

    The Theremin is also featured in almost every music cue of the movie so it, as Hurwitz put it, "melts" into the score. But it's central during the moon landing scene in the movie, when Hurwitz's score is at its most thrilling.

    Read more: The screenwriter of "First Man" spent 4 years researching Neil Armstrong to craft a true-life story even some hardcore space historians didn't know

    For that part of the movie, Hurwitz said creating the music was very similar to how he did it on "Whiplash" and "La La Land"— working off of how Chazelle saw it.

    The music for the moon landing scene was one of the first things Hurwitz and Chazelle came up with for the movie. After spending a few months figuring out the sound in preproduction, Chazelle took the lead in telling Hurwitz the musical beats.

    First Man Daniel McFadden"Damien sees the entire movie in his head before he makes it, down to every single shot," Hurwitz said.""So we created this landing cue based off of his own vision for the sequence. He would say, 'This part needs to grow for 40 seconds, then I want strings to enter and grow for 45 seconds.' He would talk about where exactly the camera would be in those moments. 'It's going to cut out of the craft and be a wide shot of the moon and that's where the melody has to explode, and we'll cut back inside the craft and the music will simmer down.' He was describing to me shot-for-shot what the sequence would be."

    Hurwitz then went off and made a demo of the music for the sequence using string, brass, and woodwind instruments that Chazelle used to storyboard the scene. That music was also used to edit the sequence before a full orchestra was brought in to perform the finished piece that would go in the movie. 

    The challenges in making "First Man" were what stuck out most for Hurwitz, he said, and he hopes they will continue going forward.

    "I love the opportunity to learn new things and I like the idea of every score bringing in a couple of new tools," he said. "It depends on the project, but I like the idea of having an exploratory phase at the beginning where I can study up on some new stuff. I just want to keep evolving each time I do a movie."

    SEE ALSO: John Krasinski explains how he's approaching the sequel to "A Quiet Place" and why he's against the idea of a "popular film" Oscar

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    game of thrones daenerys jon snow

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    NOW WATCH: 6 airline industry secrets that will help you fly like a pro this holiday season

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    dbnew3This is a preview of a research report from Business Insider Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service. To learn more about Business Insider Intelligence, click here.

    Over the past five years, the world has seen a seemingly unending series of high-profile data breaches, defined as incidents in which unauthorized parties access and retrieve sensitive, secure, or private data.

    Major incidents, like the 2013 Yahoo breach, which impacted all 3 million of the tech giant’s customers, and the more recent Equifax breach, which exposed the information of at least 143 million US adults, has kept this risk, and these threats, at the forefront for both businesses and consumers. And businesses have good reason to be concerned — of organizations breached, 22% lost customers, 29% lost revenue, and 23% lost business opportunities.

    This threat isn’t going anywhere. Each of the past five years has seen, on average, 1,704 security incidents, impacting nearly 2 billion records. And hackers could be getting more efficient, using new technological tools to extract more data in fewer breach attempts. That’s making the security threat an industry-agnostic for any business holding sensitive data — at this point, virtually all companies — and therefore a necessity for firms to address proactively and prepare to react to.

    The majority of breaches come from the outside, when a malicious actor is usually seeking access to records for financial gain, and tend to leverage malware or other software and hardware-related tools to access records. But they can come internally, as well as from accidents perpetrated by employees, like lost or stolen records or devices.

    That means that firms need to have a broad-ranging plan in place, focusing on preventing breaches, detecting them quickly, and resolving and responding to them in the best possible way. That involves understanding protectable assets, ensuring compliance, and training employees, but also protecting data, investing in software to understand what normal and abnormal performance looks like, training employees, and building a response plan to mitigate as much damage as possible when the inevitable does occur.

    Business Insider Intelligence, Business Insider’s premium research service, has put together a detailed report on the data breach threat, who and what companies need to protect themselves from, and how they can most effectively do so from a technological and organizational perspective.

    Here are some key takeaways from the report:

    • The breach threat isn’t going anywhere. The number of overall breaches isn’t consistent — it soared from 2013 to 2016, but ticked down slightly last year — but hackers might be becoming better at obtaining more records with less work, which magnifies risk.
    • The majority of breaches come from the outside, and leverage software and hardware attacks, like malware, web app attacks, point-of-service (POS) intrusion, and card skimmers.
    • Firms need to build a strong front door to prevent as many breaches as possible, but they also need to develop institutional knowledge to detect a breach quickly, and plan for how to resolve and respond to it in order to limit damage — both financial and subjective — as effectively as possible.

    In full, the report:

    • Explains the scope of the breach threat, by industry and year, and identifies the top attacks.
    • Identifies leading perpetrators and causes of breaches.
    • Addresses strategies to cope with the threat in three key areas: prevention, detection, and resolution and response.
    • Issues recommendations from both a technological and organizational perspective in each of these categories so that companies can avoid the fallout that a data breach can bring.

    Subscribe to an All-Access pass to Business Insider Intelligence and gain immediate access to:

    This report and more than 250 other expertly researched reports
    Access to all future reports and daily newsletters
    Forecasts of new and emerging technologies in your industry
    And more!
    Learn More

    Purchase & download the full report from our research store


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    regina king

    • Regina King won the 2019 Golden Globe for best supporting actress for "If Beale Street Could Talk."
    • In her speech, the actress addressed people who criticize celebrities for speaking about social issues.
    • She also urged people in power to make a conscious effort to hire a staff with at least 50% women, a pledge she is making on anything she produces. 

    Regina King addressed people who criticize celebrities for speaking about equality during a speech at the 2019 Golden Globes Sunday at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills. 

    While accepting the Golden Globe award for best supporting actress for "If Beale Street Could Talk," the star spoke about using her platform to help change the industry.

    "The reason why we do this is is because we understand our microphones are big, and we are speaking for everyone," she said. 

    She also used her platform to urge people in Hollywood and other industries to make a conscious effort to hire more women as part of the Time's Up, Times Two movement, which marks the second year of the Time's Up movement. One of the goals of the movement is to double the number of women in positions where they are underrepresented. 

    "I just want to say that I am going to use my platform right now to say in the next two years everything that I produce... I’m making a vow ... to make sure that everything I produce is 50% women," King said.

    She added: "I just challenge anyone out there who is in a position of power, not just in our industry but all industries, I challenge you to challenge yourselves and stand with us in solidarity and do the same." 

    Visit INSIDER's homepage for more.

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    NOW WATCH: Why Harvard scientists think this interstellar object might be an alien spacecraft

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    lady gaga blue hair golden globes 2019_3

    • The 2019 Golden Globes aired live from the Beverly Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills, California, on January 6.
    • Celebrities wore some truly head-turning gowns and suits to the awards ceremony.
    • Stars like Lady Gaga and Amy Adams stole the show.

    On Sunday, the biggest stars in film and television gathered at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills, California, for the 2019 Golden Globes.

    As expected, celebrities turned up to the awards ceremony wearing head-turning gowns, suits, and other memorable ensembles.

    In case you missed it, we rounded up our 25 favorite red-carpet looks from the Golden Globes below.

    Lady Gaga wore a design by Valentino.

    The light-blue dress featured a flowing train and puffy sleeves, which she paired with matching blue hair.

    Read more: Lady Gaga's blue ball gown looks almost exactly like one Judy Garland wore over half a decade ago in 'A Star Is Born'

    Constance Wu's orange belt added a nice pop of color.

    She wore a custom gown by Vera Wang.

    Lupita Nyong'o dazzled in a bright blue dress.

    The Calvin Klein design featured fringe detailing throughout.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Christian Bale AP

    • Christian Bale won the best actor in a musical or comedy Golden Globe for playing former vice president Dick Cheney in the movie "Vice."
    • During his acceptance speech, he thanked Satan.


    Christian Bale got up on stage at the Golden Globes at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills on Sunday, and did the usual thanks that most do when they receive an award — spouse, kids, cast, crew, producer, and Satan.

    Well, that last probably has never been said in an acceptance speech, but while accepting his Golden Globe for best actor in a musical or comedy for his performance as former vice president Dick Cheney in Adam McKay's "Vice," Bale felt it was right to thank the devil.

    vice"Thank you Satan for giving me inspiration on how to play this role," Bale jokingly said in one of the more entertaining acceptance speeches on Sunday.

    He also said that the only reason he got the role was because he can be "absolutely charisma free." Admittedly, his portrayal of Cheney in the unique biopic is as rigid and stiff as most of the footage you probably have seen of the real Cheney — which is why it's so great.

    Read more: Here are all the Golden Globes 2019 winners

    Bale also teased playing another polarizing figure in politics for his next role — "So Mitch McConnel next?," calling out the Kentucky senator.

    It's probably a joke, but with how he transformed into Cheney for "Vice," anything is possible.

    SEE ALSO: How the "First Man" composer created the movie's powerful score, which just won a Golden Globe

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    NOW WATCH: The true story behind the name 'Black Friday' is much darker than you may have thought

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    sandra oh golden globes 2019

    • Sandra Oh won lead actress in a TV series for "Killing Eve" at the 2019 Golden Globes Sunday at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills Sunday. 
    • The actress took the stage, emotionally telling her parents in Korean she loved them and bowing to them respectfully from the stage.
    • Oh's father bowed back and gave her a standing ovation. Fans loved the sweet moment between the actress and her family who were beaming from the audience.

    Sandra Oh is not only co-hosting the 2019 Golden Globes at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills Sunday, she also won an award for best actress in a television series for BBC's excellent "Killing Eve."

    "Oh Daddy," Oh emotionally started her speech before thanking writer and executive producer, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, and author Luke Jennings, whose novellas inspired the series about an M15 agent. 

    The actress then took another moment to single out her parents who were in attendance in a sweet moment.

    "Mostly, there are two people here tonight that I am so grateful that they are here with me. I’d like to thank my mother, my father," said Oh before speaking to them in Korean to say she loved them.

    Oh's father bowed in return.

    sandra oh father 2019 golden globes

    Oh did the same from the stage.

    sandra oh bow golden globes 2019

    Fans not only loved the tender moment on stage, but also gushed over how proud her parents looked at their daughter. Her father gave her a standing ovation.

    This was Oh's second Golden Globe win. She previously won a best supporting actress award in 2006 for her role on "Grey's Anatomy." Still, it was a big moment for Oh. The actress told Ellen DeGeneres in 2007 that she is the only sibling in her family who doesn't have a master's degree. 

    "It was very, very tough," Oh said on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" of pursuing an acting career in her family. "Because, like, you know, my parents at that time really looked down on the arts. It was hard. It's like one step above, you know, prostitution."

    Read more: Sandra Oh called out 'Aloha' for whitewashing during the Golden Globes

    "It's a different thing," she added. "They'd go, what is the social purpose of what you're doing? Because they really instilled in all of us, my sister, my brother, that whatever you have to do has to be good for society. What's the good of being on camera? What are you helping society with?"

    This isn't the first time Oh has brought her parents to an awards show.

    sandra oh mom emmys 2017

    Oh Junsu, a businessman, and Jeon Young-nam, a biochemist, also attended the 2018 Emmys with their daughter where they won plenty of fans.

    Can we have them back at the show with her every year? 

    Watch Oh's speech below:

    Visit INSIDER's homepage for more.

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    NOW WATCH: The legendary economist who predicted the housing crisis says the US will win the trade war

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    • Digital trust is the confidence people have in a platform to protect their information and provide a safe environment for them to create and engage with content.
    • Business Insider Intelligence surveyed over 1,300 global consumers to evaluate their perception of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.
    • Consumers’ Digital Trust rankings differ across security, legitimacy, community, user experience, shareability, and relevance for the six major social networks.

    If you feel like “fake news” and spammy social media feeds dominate your Internet experience, you’re not alone. Digital trust, the confidence people have in platforms to protect their information and provide a safe environment to create and engage with content, is in jeopardy.

    Digital Trust Rankings 2018

    In fact, in a new Business Insider Intelligence survey of more than 1,300 global consumers, over half (54%) said that fake news and scams were "extremely impactful” or “very impactful” on their decision to engage with ads and sponsored content.

    For businesses, this distrust has financial ramifications. It’s no longer enough to craft a strong message; brands, marketers, and social platforms need to focus their energy on getting it to consumers in an environment where they are most receptive. When brands reach consumers on platforms that they trust, they enhance their credibility and increase the likelihood of receiving positive audience engagement.

    The Digital Trust Report 2018, the latest Enterprise Edge Report from Business Insider Intelligence, compiles this exclusive survey data to analyze consumer perceptions of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

    The survey breaks down consumers’ perceptions of social media across six pillars of trust: security, legitimacy, community, user experience, shareability, and relevance. The results? LinkedIn ran away with it.

    As the most trusted platform for the second year in a row – and an outlier in the overall survey results – LinkedIn took the top spot for nearly every pillar of trust — and there are a few reasons why:

    • LinkedIn continues to benefit from the professional nature of its community — users on the platform tend to be well behaved and have less personal information at risk, which makes for a more trusting environment.
    • LinkedIn users are likely more selective and mindful about engagement when interacting within their professional network, which may increase trust in its content.
    • Content on LinkedIn is typically published by career-minded individuals and organizations seeking to promote professional interests, and is therefore seen as higher quality than other platforms’. This bodes well for advertisers and publishers to be viewed as forthright, honest, persuasive, and trustworthy.

    Want to Learn More?

    Enterprise Edge Reports are the very best research Business Insider Intelligence has to offer in terms of actionable recommendations and proprietary data, and they are only available to Enterprise clients.

    The Digital Trust Report 2018 illustrates how social platforms have been on a roller coaster ride of data, user privacy, and brand safety scandals since our first installment of the report in 2017.

    In full, the report analyzes key changes in rankings from 2017, identifies trends in millennials' behavior on social media, and highlights where these platforms (as well as advertisers) have opportunities to capture their attention.

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    chrissy metz alison brie

    • Chrissy Metz was co-hosting a 2019 Golden Globes red carpet event on Facebook Live.
    • Some people on Twitter claimed Metz called Alison Brie a "b----" on the carpet.
    • Metz responded and denied the claim on Twitter. 

    Chrissy Metz says she absolutely did not call Alison Brie a "b----" while on the 2019 Golden Globes red carpet at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills Sunday night. 

    The "This Is Us" star tweeted in response to reports that said she called the "Glow" star a name during a segment she was co-hosting on Facebook Live.  

    "It's terribly unfortunate anyone would think much less run a story that was completely fabricated," she wrote. "I adore Alison and would never say a bad word about her, or anyone! I sure hope she knows my heart."

    Video of the segment led some people to believe Metz called Brie a "b----" as the camera cut away from the host.

    "Here's Chrissy Metz calling Alison Brie a 'b----,' not knowing her mic is still on," one tweet read.

    But other people said the mic cut off before she said anything. 

    Brie has yet to respond. 

    Visit INSIDER's homepage for more.

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    NOW WATCH: Why Harvard scientists think this interstellar object might be an alien spacecraft

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    Fiji Water Girl Tony

    • There was a Fiji Water girl handing out drinks at Sunday night's Golden Globe's pre-show event.
    • She was spotted turning up in a few photos. Then a lot of photos.
    • Then she pretty quickly turned into the first meme of 2019. 

    As the world settled in to enjoy the glitz and glamour of the 76th annual Golden Globes on Sunday night, something strange happened.

    At the first major awards event of the year, with A-listers pouring onto the red carpet, the internet began to notice something unexpected.

    Something haunting the red carpet.

    Idris fiji water

    A young girl in a blue dress serving Fiji Water - the beverage brand is a backer of the awards show - began to turn up in the background of a few red carpet photographs. 

    And a few more. 

    Holly taylor fiji water

    Then, before the widening eyes of the internet Fiji Water Girl - as she has become known - morphed into the year's first show-stopping meme. 

    The internet has been literally upended by what may or may not be some very cunning, strategically placed, highly tweeteble water-carrying.

    Either that, or Fiji Water Girl has taught the world a lesson in scorched earth photo bombing.

    Scroll down for how the internet has not coped.













    The 76th annual Golden Globes took place at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills on Sunday night.

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    NOW WATCH: The true story behind the name 'Black Friday' is much darker than you may have thought

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    artificial intelligence social network eter9

    Many companies use the term artificial intelligence, or AI, as a way to generate excitement for their products and to present themselves as on the cutting edge of tech development.

    But what exactly is artificial intelligence? What does it involve? And how will it help the development of future generations?

    Find out the answers to these questions and more in AI 101, a brand new FREE report from Business Insider Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service, that describes how AI works and looks at its present and potential future applications.

    To get your copy of the FREE slide deck, simply click here.

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    AI Drive Revenue

    This is a preview of a research report from BI Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service. To learn more about BI Intelligence, click here.

    Major logistics providers have long relied on analytics and research teams to make sense of the data they generate from their operations.

    But with volumes of data growing, and the insights that can be gleaned becoming increasingly varied and granular, these companies are starting to turn to artificial intelligence (AI) computing techniques, like machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing, to streamline and automate various processes. These techniques teach computers to parse data in a contextual manner to provide requested information, supply analysis, or trigger an event based on their findings. They are also uniquely well suited to rapidly analyzing huge data sets, and have a wide array of applications in different aspects of supply chain and logistics operations.

    AI’s ability to streamline so many supply chain and logistics functions is already delivering a competitive advantage for early adopters by cutting shipping times and costs. A cross-industry study on AI adoption conducted in early 2017 by McKinsey found that early adopters with a proactive AI strategy in the transportation and logistics sector enjoyed profit margins greater than 5%. Meanwhile, respondents in the sector that had not adopted AI were in the red.

    However, these crucial benefits have yet to drive widespread adoption. Only 21% of the transportation and logistics firms in McKinsey’s survey had moved beyond the initial testing phase to deploy AI solutions at scale or in a core part of their business. The challenges to AI adoption in the field of supply chain and logistics are numerous and require major capital investments and organizational changes to overcome.

    In a new report, BI Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service, explores the vast impact that AI techniques like machine learning will have on the supply chain and logistics space. We detail the myriad applications for these computational techniques in the industry, and the adoption of those different applications. We also share some examples of companies that have demonstrated success with AI in their supply chain and logistics operations. Lastly, we break down the many factors that are holding organizations back from implementing AI projects and gaining the full benefits of this disruptive technology.

    Here are some of the key takeaways from the report:

    • The current interest in and early adoption of AI systems is being driven by several key factors, including increased demands from shippers, recent technological breakthroughs, and significant investments in data visibility by the industry’s largest players.
    • AI can deliver enormous benefits to supply chain and logistics operations, including cost reductions through reduced redundancies and risk mitigation, improved forecasting, faster deliveries through more optimized routes, improved customer service, and more.
    • Legacy players face many substantial obstacles to deploying and reaping the benefits of AI systems, though, including data accessibility and workforce challenges.
    • AI adoption in the logistics industry is strongly skewed toward the biggest players, because overcoming these major challenges requires costly investments in updating IT systems and breaking down data silos, as well as hiring expensive teams of data scientists.
    • Although AI implementations are unlikely to result in large-scale workforce reductions in the near term, companies still need to develop strategies to address how workers' roles will change as AI systems automate specific functions.

     In full, the report:

    • Details the factors driving adoption of AI systems in the supply chain and logistics field.
    • Examines the benefits that AI can deliver in reducing costs and shipping times for supply chain and logistics operations.
    • Explains the many challenges companies face in implementing AI in their supply chain and logistics operations to reap the benefits of this transformational technology.

    Interested in getting the full report? Here are two ways to access it:

    1. Subscribe to an All-Access pass to BI Intelligence and gain immediate access to this report and over 100 other expertly researched reports. As an added bonus, you'll also gain access to all future reports and daily newsletters to ensure you stay ahead of the curve and benefit personally and professionally. >>Learn More Now
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    The Kominsky Method Netflix

    • Netflix's "The Kominsky Method" won best TV comedy and best comedy actor at the 2019 Golden Globes Sunday at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills Sunday.
    • Many were upset the show beat out favorites like "The Good Place" and last year's winner, "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel."
    • However, more people were confused by the wins, remarking they never even heard of the Netflix comedy. It started a lot of jokes. 

    The 2019 Golden Globes took place Sunday at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills and one of the big surprise winners of the evening is Netflix's "The Kominsky Method."

    The streaming service's comedy is from "Big Bang Theory" creator Chuck Lorre and stars Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin as a once-famous actor and his longtime agent in Los Angeles, respectively.

    kominsky method

    Throughout the evening, the show surprised viewers as it won two awards for best TV comedy and best TV actor for Douglas' role as the titular character, Sandy Kominsky.

    Notably, people were upset favorites like NBC's "The Good Place" and Amazon's 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" lost to the Netflix series.

    But most were asking the same question: What even is "The Kominsky Method"?

    Many on Twitter said they never even heard of the Netflix show, which premiered on Netflix in November.

    Many jokes surrounding the comedy quickly started circulating online.

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    • An 18-year-old Saudi girl who claims she was abducted in transit through Bangkok airport has reportedly barricaded herself inside a hotel room.
    • Rahaf Mohammed Mutlaq al-Qunun is now calling for a protest from all people inside Bangkok airport as she awaits deportation to Kuwait.
    • The BBC reports she is seeking asylum in Australia.
    • The girl claims she was abducted on Sunday and had her passport confiscated by Saudi Arabian diplomatic staff on arrival at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi airport.
    • "I'm calling for all people inside the transit area in Bangkok to protest against deporting me to Kuwait," she tweeted on Monday.

    The BBC reports that Human Rights Watch is calling on Thai authorities to intervene after news that al-Qunun was being held at Bangkok's main airport began to circulate on Sunday.

    Rahaf Mohammed says she is trying to escape her father and begin a new life in Australia, after feeling from her family following a holiday in Kuwait.

    The BBC says the teenager is due to be deported to Kuwait on Monday. However, by Monday mid-afternoon Bangkok time, she had barricaded herself inside the hotel room, according to reports from Human Rights Watch, international media and unverified photos on social media.

    Ms Mohammed al-Qunun says she was intercepted by Saudi officials trying to head to Australia via a connecting flight in Bangkok.

    "Please I need u all. I'm shouting out for help of humanity," she tweeted on Monday.

    A reporter with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation has tweeted that she is barricading herself inside a hotel room.

    She says she is being held at an airport hotel by diplomatic and airline staff, despite having a visa to travel to Australia.

    The teenager has vowed to not leave the room until she speaks with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

    Phil Robertson the deputy Asia director at Human Rights Watch also said via twitter that al-Qunan has "barricaded herself in the room & says she will not leave until she is able to see the UNHCR."

    Ms al-Qunan claims that she has been abused by her family and would be killed if she returned home.

    Saudi Arabia has been under a global spotlight ever since its Crown Prince was implicated in the death of dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi in October.

    The Kingdom has attracted widespread international criticism in the intervening months.

    Under Prince Mohammed, Saudi Arabia has seen the arrest of business leaders, royals and activists and most recently vowed to execute those it has charged with the death of Khashoggi in Turkey.

    SEE ALSO: Saudi Arabia says it will seek the death penalty for 5 suspects involved in Jamal Khashoggi's killing

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    Digital has transformed retail possibilities.Future of Retail 2018: Delivery & Fulfillment

    And with e-commerce sales growing at nearly five times the rate of brick-and-mortar sales, retailers need to find cheaper and more efficient ways to deliver e-commerce orders.

    But different age groups have different preferences for which delivery and fulfilment options are most important to them.

    Find out which delivery features are most important to consumers as well as what fulfillment options retailers should be using to meet consumer demands in this new FREE slide deck from Business Insider Intelligence’s three-part Future of Retail 2018 series.

    In this first installment of the series, Business Insider Intelligence explores delivery and fulfillment, including consumers’ delivery preferences, the challenges those demands pose to retailers, and the strategies retailers can use to meet consumers’ expectations of fulfillment without tanking their profitability.

    As an added bonus, you will also gain immediate access to our exclusive Business Insider Intelligence Daily newsletter.

    To get your copy of the first part of this FREE slide deck, simply click here.

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    CBS Rhodes

    • CBS News President David Rhodes will vacate his long held role after a difficult year for the top network.
    • He will be replaced in March by Susan Zirinsky, CBS said in a statement released late on Sunday night.
    • Rhodes confirmed he will be exiting CBS via Twitter, later Sunday night.
    • The network and its news division have been shedding viewers since 2017 when the first allegations of sexual misconduct against leading CBS personalities first surfaced.

    CBS News President David Rhodes is stepping aside following a difficult year for the news giant, the network revealed in a statement Sunday night.

    Rhodes did not long survive the turmoil that has engulfed CBS and its news division following the investigation into sexual misconduct allegations stemming from as early as 2017 against major figures at the network.

    Rhodes, 46, will be succeeded in March by Susan Zirinsky, a senior executive producer who has worked out of Beijing from 1989 and run the news magazine "48 Hours" for more than 20 years, the network said.

    Rhodes confirmed via Twitter after the story broke Sunday night that he is stepping down in the wake of a year to forget for the network and its news division.

    "It's been eight incredible years since I joined @CBS," Rhodes tweeted Sunday. "I'm pleased to announce that I'll soon be handing the reins @CBSNews to Susan Zirinsky, our Senior Executive Producer."

    CBS News ratings fell down a hole last year, following the 2017 disgrace left behind by former anchor Charlie Rose.

    In December CBS News settled a lawsuit with three women who accused Rose of "blatant and repeated sexual harassment" and "subsequent unlawful retaliation."

    The network's flagship news show, "60 Minutes" then lost its longtime executive producer, Jeff Fager who resigned after sending a threatening email to a reporter amid allegations he fostered an atmosphere at "60 Minutes" that tolerated sexual misconduct.

    60 Minutes

    But that wasn't the worst of it for CBS.

    Disgraced CEO Leslie Moonves has already been stripped of his massive golden parachute and CBS staff are currently awaiting the results of a report into the company which is set to entirely revamp the network and its workplace.

    Moonves left the company in September after reports detailing sexual harassment and assault allegations from six women against the media executive, an investigation found that Moonves violated company policies and refused to cooperate with the investigation.

    According to Forbes Moonves was one of the highest-paid CEOs in the US, worth an estimated $700 million. 

    Zirinsky will take over in March, the network said.

    SEE ALSO: Les Moonves left CBS in September with a net worth of $700 million. Now, he won't get a dime of his $120 million severance

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    andy samberg sandra oh golden globes 2019 after party

    • Sandra Oh wore a tuxedo-inspired jumpsuit and sneakers to an after-party for the 2019 Golden Globes.
    • Sunday night, Oh also wore a red dress that borrowed design elements from a classic tuxedo jacket.
    • The Atelier Versace gown featured notch lapels and multiple buttons on the sleeves.
    • Oh, who won best actress in a television drama for her performance on "Killing Eve," wore two other gowns during the awards ceremony.
    • She walked the red carpet in a white dress with asymmetrical sleeves and accepted her Globe in a long-sleeved white and gold gown.

    After Sandra Oh stunned in three different dresses at the Golden Globes in Beverly Hills on Sunday, and she changed into yet another memorable look.

    Following the awards ceremony, Oh celebrated with Globes co-host Andy Samberg at their private after party in West Hollywood, California.

    The "Killing Eve" star, who took home the Globe for best actress in a television drama, looked chic and comfortable in a black tuxedo-inspired jumpsuit with a deep V-neck, glossy peak lapels, and pockets.

    Oh completed the business-casual outfit with white sneakers and a statement necklace.

    sandra oh golden globes 2019 after party outfit

    Earlier that night, the actress walked the red carpet before the awards ceremony in a white Atelier Versace gown with a column silhouette. The dress featured Swarovski-crystal embellishments and asymmetrical sleeves, with the right side gathered into a voluminous shoulder accent.

    Read more: The 25 best outfits celebrities wore to the 2019 Golden Globes

    sandra oh golden globes 2019 red carpet

    Oh then changed into a bright red dress and hit the stage with co-host Samberg.

    The long-sleeved gown, also by Atelier Versace, borrowed design elements from a classic tuxedo jacket, like notch lapels and multiple buttons on the ends of both sleeves.

    sandra oh red dress golden globes 2019

    And later in the ceremony, Oh accepted her Golden Globe award in a white mermaid-style gown with a boat neck and billowing long sleeves covered in gold sequins, designed by Stella McCartney.

    sandra oh golden globes acceptance speech outfit

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    Key for Garage delivery

    • Key by Amazon offers alternative ways to get Amazon packages delivered to home and business addresses and fight package theft.
    • The service now offers the option to have a package delivered inside a customer's garage if they have a participating-brand smart door opener.
    • This follows Amazon's launch of in-home delivery in 2017 and in-car delivery in 2018.
    • Amazon is also launching a new lock that connects directly to WiFi and adding more Key functionality to the Ring app.

    Amazon is giving customers another option for delivery inside their homes.

    The company will soon offer a new option in its suite of delivery offerings: the garage. Customers will be able to choose their garage as a delivery option starting some time in the second quater of this year, the company announced on Monday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It is designed to keep packages safe from thieves and prying eyes.

    The new service will work with customers' garage door openers if they are fitted with the smart MyQ technology. The standard is propriety tech developed by Chamberlain Group, the parent company of brands like LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Merlin, and Grifco. Customers also need to be Amazon Prime members.

    "A self-contained extension of the home, the garage offers a convenient destination for delivery hurdles such as potential theft and missed deliveries. We are proud to collaborate with Amazon on this game-changing in-garage delivery initiative," Jeff Meredith, president and COO of CGI, said in a statement. 

    The new feature is part of Key by Amazon, which was formerly known as Amazon Key. It follows Amazon's launch of other Key delivery options: in-home delivery in 2017 and in-car delivery in 2018. They all work similarly: the delivery person goes through an Amazon app to verify the package is for the recipient at that exact geolocation, and the door opens to allow brief access.

    When Amazon Key was first announced, some customers were skeptical due to security concerns. The garage could become a more tempting option in that it would not give the delivery person access to the entire house, and there is no need for additional hardware like Amazon's Key camera watching the door.

    Read more:Amazon and Walmart can both put packages in your home when you're not there — and it raises privacy concerns

    Amazon is also improving Key by releasing the first WiFi-enabled smart lock compatible with the service, called the Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt. The lock can connect directly to customers' internet connection without the need of a smart home hub.

    Amazon is adding functionality to the Ring app for customers with Key-compatible locks to lock and unlock their doors, highlighting the fact that Key is about more than delivering packages. Amazon purchased Ring, a company that makes smart home doorbells and other gadgets, in 2017.

    "For the past year, we've been thrilled to see how customers have benefited from Key by Amazon. We started with the idea of in-home package delivery and quickly learned that our customers found peace of mind and delight from the control Key gives them over their most important place — their homes — even when they aren’t there themselves," Rohit Shrivastava, head of Key by Amazon, said in a statement.

    Amazon has also developed a smart fob for Key for Business, the business delivery version of the program, so that delivery drivers can access residential or commercial buildings. 

    SEE ALSO: Amazon dominated retail in 2018 — and no one else even came close to touching it

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