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    The Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Jason Dunham (DDG 109) fires its M45 5-inch gun as part of a live-fire exercise, Nov. 2, 2018.

    • A US Navy destroyer test-fired hypervelocity projectiles from its standard MK 45 5-inch deck gun during the Rim of the Pacific exercises last year, USNI News reported Tuesday.
    • The high-speed rounds, designed for railguns, can be fired faster and farther than traditional artillery rounds from naval deck guns and land artillery pieces without modification.
    • The cost of each hypervelocity round is only a fraction of the cost of the missiles the US uses to intercept incoming threats.

    The US Navy has reportedly been firing hypervelocity projectiles meant for electromagnetic railguns out of the 40-year-old deck guns that come standard on cruisers and destroyers, in hopes of taking out hostile drones and cruise missiles for a lot less money.

    During last year's Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) exercises, 20 hypervelocity projectiles were fired from a standard Mk 45 5-inch deck gun aboard the USS Dewey, USNI News reported Tuesday, citing officials familiar with the test.

    USNI's Sam LaGrone described the unusual test as "wildly successful."

    BAE Systems, a hypervelocity projectile manufacturer, describes the round as a "next-generation, common, low drag, guided projectile capable of executing multiple missions for a number of gun systems, such as the Navy 5-Inch; Navy, Marine Corps, and Army 155-mm systems; and future electromagnetic (EM) railguns."

    The US Navy has invested hundreds of millions of dollars and more than a decade into the development of railgun technology, but while these efforts have stalled, largely due to problems and challenges fundamental to the technology, it seems the round might have real potential.

    The hypervelocity projectiles can be fired from existing guns without barrel modification. The rounds fly faster and farther than traditional rounds, and they are relatively inexpensive.

    While more expensive than initially promised, a hypervelocity projectile with an improved guidance system, a necessity in a GPS contested or denied environment, only costs around $100,000 at the most, Bryan Clark, a naval affairs expert with the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, told USNI News. The Navy reportedly estimates that the high-speed rounds ought to cost somewhere around $85,000.

    The cost of a single hypervelocity projectile is a fraction of the cost of air defense missiles like the Evolved Seasparrow Missile, Standard Missile-2, and Rolling Airframe Missile, all of which cost more than one million dollars each.

    With the standard deck guns, which rely on proven powder propellants rather than electromagnetic energy, the Navy achieves a high rate of fire for air defense. "You can get 15 rounds a minute for an air defense mission," Clark told USNI News.

    "That adds significant missile defense capacity when you think that each of those might be replacing a ESSM or a RAM missile. They’re a lot less expensive," he added. Furthermore, US warships can carry a lot more of the high-speed rounds than they can missile interceptors.

    USNI News explains that the intercept of Houthi cruise missiles by the USS Mason in the Red Sea back in 2016 was a multi-million dollar engagement. The hypervelocity rounds could potentially cut costs drastically.

    The hypervelocity projectile potentially offers the Navy, as well as other service branches, a mobile, cost-effective air defense capability.

    "Any place that you can take a 155 (howitzer), any place that you can take your navy DDG (destroyer), you have got an inexpensive, flexible air and missile defense capability," Vincent Sabio, the Hypervelocity Projectile program manager at the Pentagon’s Strategic Capabilities Office, said last January, according to a report by Breaking Defense.

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    This is a preview of a research report from Business Insider Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service. To learn more about Business Insider Intelligence, click here.

    As headlines like "Amazon Is Secretly Becoming a Bank" and "Google Wants to Be a Bank Now" increasingly crop up in the news, tech giants are coming into the spotlight as the next potential payments disruptors.

    Millennials Trust Tech Payments

    And with these firms' broad reach and hefty resources, the possibility that they'll descend on financial services is a hard narrative to shy away from. To mitigate potential losses under this scenario, traditional players will have to grasp not only the level of the threat, but also which segments of the financial industry are most at risk of disruption.

    Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft, collectively known as GAFAM, are already active investors in the payments industry, and they're slowly encroaching on legacy providers' core offerings. Each of these five companies has introduced features and offerings that have the potential to disrupt specific parts of the banking system. And we expect a plethora of additional offerings to hit the market as these companies look to build out their ecosystems.

    However, it remains unlikely that any of these firms will become full-blown banks or entirely upend incumbents, due to regulatory barriers and the entrenched positions of big banks. Moreover, consumers still trust traditional firms first and foremost with their financial data. That means these companies are far more likely to rattle the cages of incumbents than they are to cause their total demise. That said, these companies have a proven capacity to revolutionize industries, making their entry into payments critical to watch for legacy players, especially as their moves demonstrate an intent to be a disruptive force in the industry.

    In this report, Business Insider Intelligence analyzes the current impact GAFAM is having on the financial services industry, and the strengths and weaknesses of each firm's position in payments. We also discuss the barriers these companies face as they push deeper into financial services, as well as which aspects of a bank’s core business provide the biggest opportunities for the new players. Lastly, we assess these companies' future potential in payments and the broader financial services industry, and examine ways incumbents can manage the threat.

    Here are some of the key takeaways: 

    • GAFAM has been actively encroaching on the payments space. This includes offering mobile wallets for in-store and online payments, peer-to-peer money transfer services, and even loans for small- and medium-sized businesses. 
    • These firms' broad reach and hefty resources have put them in a strong position to take on legacy players. GAFAM has products that have been adopted by millions of users, and in some cases, billions. They also have access to a tremendous amount of capital — Apple, Microsoft, and Google had over $400 billion combined in cash at the end of 2016.
    • However, these firms have to overcome major barriers to compete against legacy players, which includes regulation and trust. For example, 60% of respondents to a Business Insider Intelligence survey stated that they trust their bank most to provide them financial services.
    •  As a result of these barriers, it's more likely that GAFAM will make a dent in very specific segments of the financial services industry rather than completely disrupt it. 

    In full, the report:

    • Explains what GAFAM's done to place themselves in a position to be the next potential payments disruptors.
    • Breaks down the strengths and weaknesses of each company as it relates to their ability to build out an extensive financial ecosystem. 
    • Looks at the potential barriers that could limit GAFAM's ability to capture a significant share of the payments industry from traditional players. 
    • Identifies what strategies legacy players will have to deploy to mitigate the threat by these tech giants.


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    aloe vera plant

    • INSIDER Data gathered information from Google News Labs regarding the most-searched houseplants by state over the last 12 months.
    • Turns out, Americans prefer two kinds of plants to keep in their homes: cacti and aloe vera.
    • The cactus plant beat out aloe vera by a three-state margin.

    Houseplants are a fun and healthy way to add flair to your home. Though some people prefer faux plants, others enjoy the task of tending to a living, breathing organism— and favor some plants over others.

    INSIDER Data worked with Google Labs to determine what kinds of houseplants were being searched the most in every state in the US. Turns out that based on searches over the course of the last 12 months, Americans only have two types of plants on their mind: cacti and aloe vera.

    It was a victory for cactus plants, however, as 27 states prefer them to aloe vera, which was the most-searched plant in 24 states. 

    Check out the results in the map below:

    most googled houseplant every state

    There's a clear division: the West coast is loyal to the cactus, whereas aloe vera spikes in popularity on the Eastern side of the country. It is worth noting that aloe vera is easy to take care of, and it fares well in dry climates. 

    But no matter which plant you prefer, there's one thing all of them need: water.

    Visit INSIDER's homepage for more.

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    Phillip Lindsay

    • Phillip Lindsay will get to attend the Pro Bowl as an undrafted rookie despite his season-ending wrist injury.
    • Broncos fans were concerned Lindsay wouldn't get to represent the team at the event, as he would have had to pay his way to the game since he won't be playing.
    • The NFL worked out a clever workaround to the problem, hiring Lindsay as a social media correspondent for the event to ensure that he can be in attendance.

    Phillip Lindsay may not be able to play in the 2019 Pro Bowl, but thanks to a savvy move from the NFL, he'll at least get to represent the Denver Broncos at the game.


    Lindsay was set to become the first undrafted rookie to ever play in the Pro Bowl after his breakout year for the Broncos, going for 1,287 total yards and 10 touchdowns and providing an unexpected spark in the Denver offense.

    He seemed like a perfect player to represent the Broncos at the Pro Bowl — young, exciting, and with a great story behind him — but those plans were cut short when Lindsay went down for the season in Week 16 with a wrist injury.

    Since Lindsay would not be playing in the game, he would have had to pay his way to Orlando if he wanted to attend the game due to some over-specific NFL rules. On a rookie contract, it'd be understandable if Lindsay preferred to save his money rather than pay out of pocket for a brief vacation out to Orlando to start his offseason.

    Still, Broncos fans wanted him there — a GoFundMe was set up and raised almost $5,000 towards his trip, and teammate Von Miller volunteered to help him out with a place to crash for the game. But after a bit of creative thinking, the extra effort from fans and teammates was found to be unnecessary, as the NFL decided to hire Lindsay as a social media correspondent for the broadcast.

    With the hire, the league is cleared to pay for Lindsay's travel and ensures that one of the NFL's bright young stars is still involved in the game.

    "[The Broncos] really felt like I needed to be there and that I deserved to be there. It makes our organization look good when we have people that are able to go," Lindsay told"They want to make sure that people that are supposed to be there, get there."

    The Pro Bowl kicks off on January 27, with players from both conferences competing in a scrimmage worth an extra $32,000 per player to the winning team. We don't know the specifics of what Lindsay's role will be yet, but he'll be in attendance.

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    Audi Aicon

    • Though Audi first unveiled its Aicon concept car in 2017, it was my favorite car at this year's International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).
    • The electric, autonomous concept vehicle's exterior design, interior design, and proposed specs and capabilities made me more excited about the possibility of riding in a production version than those of any other car I saw at CES.
    • Audi has said it intends to make a production vehicle based on the Aicon by 2021.

    Though Audi first unveiled its Aicon concept car in 2017, it was my favorite car at this year's International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The electric, autonomous concept vehicle's exterior design, interior design, and proposed specs and capabilities made me more excited about the possibility of riding in a production version than those of any other car I saw at CES.

    ces 2019 graphicThe Aicon concept has four motors that deliver 405.7 pound-feet of torque, and it has a proposed range of between 435 and 497 miles per charge. It would be able to charge to 80% of its capacity in under 30 minutes, and Audi says it would charge wirelessly without human assistance.

    Read more: The 31 coolest concept cars revealed in 2018

    Since the Aicon concept has no steering wheel or pedals, it has a spacious interior that would hold four passengers. (I was not able to see inside the concept vehicle at CES, but Audi has released renderings of its interior.)

    Two would sit on a bench in the vehicle's rear, and two would sit on seats that would be able to slide nearly 20 inches backward or forward and swivel up to 15 degrees to the left or right.

    The Aicon's transparent roof and long windshields would provide a more expansive view to passengers than many of today's production vehicles.

    Audi Aicon

    The Aicon's exterior styling achieves a difficult balance between the sleek proportions of a traditional luxury vehicle and modest but futuristic flourishes like the elongated windshields and lighting arrays that replace traditional headlights. The Aicon is one of the best-looking concept vehicles I've seen.

    What it is: An electric, autonomous passenger car

    Who makes it: Audi

    Why it's the best: The Aicon features some of the best exterior and interior design I've seen in a concept vehicle, and the prospect of a spacious, long-range, autonomous vehicle that can charge quickly makes me excited about the future of transportation, even if that future is more distant than automakers have indicated.

    Where and when you can get it: Audi has said it intends to make a production vehicle based on the Aicon by 2021.

    How much it will cost: Audi has not said how much a production version of the Aicon might cost.

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    You're glued to the TV, watching your favorite show … there's a heart-pounding moment where a beloved character needs CPR, and then they're totally fine! But this is TV. It's not real life.

    Real survival rates for CPR are much lower than what's shown on TV. For instance, one 2018 study included 18,000 hospitalized CPR cases. Overall, only 28.5% of the adults survived to eventually leave the hospital. Now compare that to TV medical dramas. A team of researchers sat down and watched 91 episodes of Grey's Anatomy and House. And discovered that about 70% of people who received CPR survived.  That's over double the survival rate compared to reality.

    And sure, Hollywood is allowed to bend the truth for the sake of suspense. But in this case, this misinformation can be dangerous. Many doctors actually opt out of CPR for themselves. There are even cases of doctors tattooing their chests to make extra sure they don't receive CPR. And it may sound paranoid but doctors know that even if you beat the odds and survive CPR, your quality of life might never be the same.

    That's because of how CPR actually works. CPR stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. When the heart stops, breathing air into the person's lungs and pushing down on their chest, helps keep oxygen flowing to the brain. And may restart their heart. But what they usually don't show on TV dramas, is that CPR can:

    • Fracture the breastbone
    • Crack ribs
    • And bruise the lungs

    These types of injuries are common because, your heart is inside your rib cage, and surrounded by other organs. So, in order to make an impact on it, you have to compress the chest by about 5 cm. Our ribs aren't designed to withstand that kind of force. On top of that, brain cells start dying 6 minutes after the heart stops.

    So people who don't receive CPR right away, are at risk of permanent brain damage. For example, one study in China found that about a third of CPR survivors had some level of brain damage. Now, just because TV shows get most of this wrong isn't what's dangerous.  It's the fact that we believe a lot more of what we see on TV than we should. When 269 people were asked where they got information about CPR, Almost half said they used TV shows as a source.

    One survey found that nearly a quarter of older people believed that 90% of CPR cases survived. Which may lead them to opt for CPR themselves. And that's especially problematic for people over 65, who have lower survival rates than younger patients. So, when it comes to medical advice ask a real doctor.

    And let the attractive actors in scrubs do what they do best: Entertain (not teach).

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    Kingdom Hearts Steamboat Willie

    • "Kingdom Hearts" is a beloved video game franchise that blends the worlds of Disney's films with characters and gameplay from the "Final Fantasy" universe.
    • Due out on January 25th, "Kingdom Hearts III" is one of the most anticipated games of the decade, and the first true sequel in the series since 2005.
    • From Mickey Mouse to Wreck-It Ralph, memorable characters from more than 30 Disney films appear across the "Kingdom Hearts" games.

    "Kingdom Hearts" is a video game franchise born from improbable circumstances: Before the first game was released in 2002, few could have imagined that Disney would be willing to hand their full library of iconic characters over to a Japanese video game developer. 

    And yet, developer Square Enix found itself with a hit in the form of "Kingdom Hearts," which marries the gameplay of its own "Final Fantasy" series with the legendary Disney pantheon of heroes and villains. 

    Due out on January 25th, "Kingdom Hearts III" is the first series sequel in more than 13 years, making it one of the most anticipated games of 2019. Square Enix has already teased a bunch of new worlds and returning characters for the game, borrowing from films including "Toy Story," Frozen,""Tangled," and"Big Hero 6."

    Indeed, in "Kingdom Hearts," players travel between different world's based on Disney films, usually accompanied by Donald Duck and Goofy. In the course of battling the villainous Heartless, hero Sora helps classic Disney heroes like Mulan, Aladdin, and Simba face familiar villains from their respective stories. Since the first game was released, "Kingdom Hearts" has incorporated characters from more than 30 Disney films.

    Below you can find every Disney movie represented in the "Kingdom Hearts" series— including the forthcoming "Kingdom Hearts III"— in the order they were released.

    SEE ALSO: 'Kingdom Hearts 3' has leaked over a month early, and outraged fans are trying to punish the person they think did it

    SEE ALSO: The 29 hottest video games you shouldn't miss in 2019

    "Steamboat Willy" (1928)

    "Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs" (1937)

    "Pinocchio" (1940)

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

    tally showcase 2 1

    • If you have a collection of credit cards for the benefits, but are concerned with the burden of managing multiple cards, you're not alone.
    • Tally is an app that acts as your own debt and credit card manager, tracking all of your credit lines so you never miss a payment.
    • It helps users who carry debt optimize their payments, so that they can pay off their debt as quickly and inexpensively as possible.
    • If you have excellent credit, you may be eligible for credit consolidation with Tally's own low-APR credit line.
    • While the app is currently only available in 19 states and Washington DC, it's a great way to seamlessly manage your credit card collection.

    If you are a credit-based consumer who has accumulated a collection of cards for the benefits but are concerned with the burdens, you are not alone. Jason Brown and Jasper Platz, the co-founders of Tally, are concerned with the same issues and want to help you make your credit journey more viable, profitable, and beneficial.

    Tally is a new user-friendly credit app that allows you to access tools such as credit analysis and even its own low-APR credit line. But let's not get ahead of ourselves; first, let's talk about how Tally works.

    In short, Tally collects information from you about your credit score, different credit cards you have, and lenders. Your credit information is then stored in the secure Tally app and analyzed for your payment habits and spending trends. If you have excellent credit, then you may be eligible for Tally's own credit line. This essentially consolidates your credit into one low-APR line through Tally, and that credit line pays off your other credit lines on time.

    So, let's talk more in detail about the features of Tally

    First and foremost, Tally acts as a credit card manager.

    That means that Tally keeps track of all of your credit lines and multiple payments, whether you're paying down a bank card, store card, airline rewards card, or something else. This means that Tally customers do not miss payments, do not incur subsequent late fees, and do not suffer from rising APRs as a result.

    tally showcase 4

    Second, Tally works as a debt manager.

    The Tally Advisor feature allows customers access to expert credit analysis that can improve their credit scores and save them money in the long run. Tally Advisor is not a repository of articles and tip listicles; instead, it is a tool that adapts to you and your spending behavior in order to project your debt-free day. The best part is that you are completely in control; Tally just does the analysis for you.

    For example, if you want to be debt free in a certain number of years, you can use Tally's minimum payment sliding bar to determine the minimum payments necessary to make that possible. Not only is Tally able to take your APR into account for your projected payoff, it also analyzes your spending trends over the past month to provide a more accurate prediction.

    Lastly, the feature that is arguably the most enticing is the Tally credit line.

    Here, Tally moves from a credit and debt manager to a credit consolidator. By analyzing your loaded credit cards and your current APR, Tally offers one single consolidated credit line with a lower APR than the ones you are already paying.

    Here's how it works: Upon getting approved for a line of credit with Tally, your new Tally line of credit becomes your main one. All balances of your higher APR lines will be paid by and transferred to your new Tally balance, effectively minimizing the APR you will pay on that credit. That saves you money right away, and you can use those savings toward paying down any of the lower APR credit lines that didn't transfer to Tally.

    The Tally credit line, unlike a personal loan, is just like any other revolving line of credit that you have. That means it's as open ended as your credit card debt; you pay interest on your balance, and there is no time limit for paying it off.

    Keep in mind that not everybody can qualify for the Tally line of credit. The Tally team says that the minimum required FICO score is 660, but having that is not an automatic way in. In fact, many users with good credit won't be offered a low-APR Tally credit line, because Tally depends solely on creditworthiness factors like FICO, spending habits, outstanding balances, and interest rates.

    Even if you are not offered a line of credit through Tally right away, you are still welcome to use Tally as a credit card manager. Even without the credit consolidation, Tally is a good place to digitally store your credit lines, and because Tally offers late payment protection, you will not ever miss a payment again. Being punctual with payments is something that could potentially raise your FICO over time, so even if Tally cannot offer a credit line with lower APR or a credit line at all, you are always welcome to try again with your updated score.

    Now, let's go over the sign up process resizeimage 9

    In order to get started, simply download the Tally app, which is available for iOS and Android. Tally will ask you for a few personal details as well as your credit score in order to evaluate whether or not you are eligible for a Tally credit line. Then, you can load your credit cards into the app.

    You have the choice between manually entering your credit card number or scanning the card, and then you will be asked to log into your account for the card. Providing your login information allows Tally to make a secure link between the app and your account. After your cards are loaded and you are all signed up, you can begin to use Tally as a credit card manager. If you are offered a line of credit through Tally, then you will be able to set that up as well.

    However, note that Tally is currently offered in just nineteen states and Washington DC: Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin. However, Tally is focused on adding states on a constant basis because they are committed to eradicating overwhelming credit card debt in the US.

    In fact, six of the aforementioned states are in the top 10 list for highest average household credit card debt: California, Colorado, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, and Utah. As Tally expands throughout the US, they will be able to provide services to the rest of the 31 states. If you live in one of the 31 states that are not currently serviced, feel free to download Tally and join the Tally waitlist.

    But if you live in one of the supported states, download Tally now and start managing your debt in a smarter way.

    Get started with the Tally app, here.

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    DON'T MISS: The best credit card rewards, bonuses, and perks of 2019

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    donald trump

    • President Donald Trump is set to deliver a primetime address to the nation from the Oval Office on Tuesday night. 
    • The address comes 18 days into a partial government shutdown — a result of a disagreement on funding Trump's desired wall along the border of the US and Mexico.
    • Some speculated that Trump could declare a national emergency in order to bypass Congress for the wall funding, but sources familiar with the matter told CNN he was not expected to do so on Tuesday.

    President Donald Trump is set to address the nation during primetime on Tuesday night in his first Oval Office speech. The president is expected to discuss what he has labeled a "crisis" along the US-Mexico border.

    Trump has spent much of the last three weeks raging against Congressional Democrats for refusing to fund the wall he has long promised to build along the border. Both Trump and Democrats have refused to budge from their positions, resulting in a partial government shutdown now in its third week.

    It's unclear what Trump will say in his remarks, but some had speculated he could declare a national emergency in order to bypass Congress for the wall funding, as he had indicated in a speech on Friday. But as of Tuesday afternoon, multiple sources told CNN that Trump was not expected to announce a national emergency during the address.

    Read more: Trump goes off the rails in freewheeling news conference raging about the shutdown, the border wall, DACA, and Democrats

    Trump's address comes amid scrutiny over false or misleading statements he and his administration have made linking migrants with terrorism at the southern border.

    Despite Trump's statement on Friday that "we have terrorists coming through the southern border," the administration has since conceded that the vast majority of known and suspected terrorists enter the US through airports, and that the terror watchlist is not always accurate.

    Trump announced the address — his first Oval Office address during primetime, according to CBS News— in a tweet on Monday. It was initially unclear if networks would carry the address, however, CNN, ABC, NBC News, CBS, Fox News, and Fox Business are all set to carry the address.

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer demanded airtime for a Democratic response, which CBS, NBC, CNN, and Fox are all expected to air

    chuck schumer nancy pelosi

    The address comes 18 days into a partial government shutdown — the second-longest shutdown in history, following a 21-day shutdown during the Clinton administration. The shutdown is a result of a disagreement on the funding of Trump's desired wall along the border of the US and Mexico.

    During his 2016 campaign, Trump often repeated the line that Mexico would pay for the wall. However, he has repeatedly asked Congress for billions of dollars of US taxpayer money to build the barrier.

    At the end of 2018, Trump said he would not sign any government funding bills if they did not include wall funding — after initially signaling that he would sign a stopgap measure, which was passed in the Senate, to fund part of the government until February 8.

    The shutdown impacts roughly 20% of the federal government: nine federal agencies and 800,000 federal workers — 420,000 of which must still work without pay.

    In November 2014, the big-four networks NBC, Fox, CBS, and ABC did not air President Barack Obama's 8 p.m. ET address about immigration reform. It streamed live on Facebook and was aired by cable networks like Fox News and CNN, instead.

    According to the Guardian, the Obama administration put out "feelers" to gauge network interest, and after getting a "reluctant" response they did not put in a formal request.

    SEE ALSO: Trump goes off the rails in freewheeling news conference raging about the shutdown, the border wall, DACA, and Democrats

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    NOW WATCH: MSNBC host Chris Hayes thinks President Trump's stance on China is 'not at all crazy'

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    Young Barack Obama

    • The country's most headline-making politicians might seem like they've always been around, but everyone's got to start somewhere. 
    • We look back at what some of America's most prominent lawmakers, politicians and government figures looked like at the early stages of their careers: 

    SEE ALSO: How Nancy Pelosi went from San Francisco housewife to the most powerful woman in US politics

    California Senator Kamala Harris as a young college graduate.

    Mike Pence loved to play guitar during his college years.

    Former El Paso Councilman Beto O'Rourke poses in front of his hometown.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    magic mushrooms

    • Possession of psilocybin, the active ingredient in psychedelic mushrooms, is a felony.
    • "Magic" mushrooms are classified as a Schedule I drug, a category used for substances that don't have a medicinal benefit.
    • Some recent studies suggest that psilocybin could be helpful for people with anxiety, depression, and alcoholism.
    • In Denver, a campaign trying to decriminalize hallucinogenic mushrooms has gathered enough signatures to place a measure on the ballot for the city's municipal elections in May.
    • Oregon is also getting closer to decriminalizing psilocybin. Psychedelic mushrooms could become legal in the state in 2020. 

    Denver, Colorado could become the first US city to decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms after a campaign gathered enough signatures to put a "magic" mushrooms measure on the ballot for the municipal elections in May. 

    Kevin Matthews, the campaign director of Denver for Psilocybin, told local news outlet NBC 9 that more than 8,000 people signed off on advancing the measure, which needed 4,279 signatures to proceed. The city's elections office has 25 days to verify the signatures' legitimacy.

    The measure, containing language based on a 2007 effort that decriminalized recreational marijuana in Denver, would not legalize hallucinogenic mushrooms, which contain psilocybin as an active ingredient. The ordinance would, however, make the use and possession of psilocybin by people above age 21 the city's "lowest law enforcement priority," NBC 9 reported.

    Magic mushrooms are currently classified as a Schedule 1 drug, a category that the federal government uses for substances that have no medicinal benefit. Cocaine and heroin are both considered Schedule 1 drugs.

    While the Denver measure would not change the drug's classification, it would impact how city officials view psilocybin. Denver would no longer be able to prosecute cases related to psilocybin if the measure passes in May.

    In addition, the ordinance would form a review panel of two city council members and other residents to examine the impacts of adopting the measure.

    For Matthews, decriminalizing psychedelic mushrooms is personal. He told NBC 9 that psilocybin has helped him with depression.

    An effort to change the laws around hallucinogenic mushrooms is also underway in Oregon, but it goes a step further towards legalization. The secretary of state has approved languagefor a ballot initiative that could make psychedelic mushrooms legal in 2020. If the measure passes, the state would allow hallucinogenic mushrooms to be manufactured for medical use under a license.

    Read more:Oregon is closer than ever to becoming the first state to legalize 'magic' mushrooms

    Magic mushrooms

    More and more Americans are opening up to the idea of legalizing marijuana and other illegal substances, and some scientists have recently concluded that psychedelics could have positive effects. 

    According to recent studies, psilocybin could help reduce anxiety in people with cancer and could be used as a treatment for anxiety, depression, and alcoholism.

    Researchers at Johns Hopkins University said last year that psilocybin should not be classified as a Schedule I drug. In an article published in the medical journal Neuropharmacology, they wrote that psilocybin should be categorized as a Schedule IV drug, a classification that includes prescription sleeping pills.

    Five years could go by before any changes are made, however, as all substances have to undergo tests before the Food and Drug Administration make a call on reclassification.

    Jeff Hunt, the vice president of public policy at Colorado Christian University, told NBC 9 that more research is needed to fully understand the long-term impact of hallucinogenic mushrooms.  

    "This is a psychedelic drug. This is not some supplement that you take that’s going to have some vitamins, nutritional value that adds to your life," Hunt told the news outlet. "This has a psychedelic effect to it that’s going to affect how you look at the world and how you interact with the world."

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    Phoenix Hacienda HealthCare nursing home 2x1

    • New details are emerging about the investigation into a Phoenix, Arizona, nursing facility where a woman — who has been in a vegetative state for more than a decade — gave birth to a baby late last month.
    • According to CBS affiliate Arizona's Family, investigators are looking to DNA test staff at the facility, but they legally can't force them to take swabs.
    • Investigators are also trying to figure out whether any staff members knew that the woman was pregnant and didn't report it, sources told ABC 15.
    • Hacienda did not respond to INSIDER's request for comment. The Phoenix Police said they could not confirm the reports. 

    The investigation into a Phoenix, Arizona, nursing facility where a patient gave birth late last month, despite having been in a vegetative state for more than a decade, appears to be ramping up.

    According to local reports, investigators are hoping to get DNA samples from staff, and are looking into the possibility that the victim, described by CBS affiliate Arizona's Family as a 29-year-old Native American woman, was assaulted repeatedly.

    But there may be some complications in obtaining the DNA samples from workers.

    A source told CBS 5 reporter Briana Whitney that Phoenix Police can't force any of the workers to give a DNA sample "right now," but they may be able to get warrants to make any workers who refuse to give a sample submit one.

    cops outside hacienda healthcare

    Sources also told ABC 15 in another report that investigators are looking into whether the patient suffered multiple sexual assaults, "including assaults on different parts of the body." It's unclear what evidence they have for this line of inquiry.

    The sources added to the news outlet that investigators are evaluating other patients at the facility for signs of abuse.

    Arizona's Family was the first to break the story of the surprise birth last week. In the report, a source told the outlet that staffers didn't know that the woman was pregnant until she went into labor.

    Read more:Police are investigating a sexual assault after a woman who has been in a vegetative state for over a decade gave birth

    Now sources are telling ABC 15 that investigators are looking into whether that's true. The sources told the local TV station that the woman had a "bump" and they are trying to determine whether anyone at the facility knew about the pregnancy and either didn't report it or actively covered it up.

    Hacienda Healthcare's longtime CEO Bill Timmons resigned on Monday following news of the birth.

    The organization released this statement in response to the incident:

    "As an organization, Hacienda HealthCare stands fully committed to getting to the truth of what, for us, represents an unprecedented matter. We are already conducting a comprehensive internal review of our processes, protocols, and people to ensure that every single Hacienda resident is as safe and well cared for as possible. Anything less than that is unacceptable to our team, our company’s leaders and the communities we serve."

    Hacienda didn't immediately respond to INSIDER's request for comment on Tuesday. INSIDER also reached out to the Phoenix Police Department, and a spokesman said they could not confirm any of the reports about the investigation.

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    kevin spacey

    • Kevin Spacey's lawyers are arguing that his accuser had a consensual interaction with the actor and lied about his age, according to a court filing obtained by INSIDER.
    • Spacey pleaded not guilty on Monday to an indecent assault charge in the case, based in Massachusetts, where prosecutors say he groped an 18-year-old.
    • Sixteen people in total have accused Spacey of sexual assault, and he's under investigation in Los Angeles County and London.
    • He has denied all of the allegations against him.

    After pleading not guilty to an indecent assault charge on Monday, Kevin Spacey's lawyers argued in a court filing that his accuser flirted with him, lied about his age, and accepted drinks from him.

    The man is accusing Spacey of groping him without his consent at a bar when he was 18 years old, in 2016.

    In his court motion, Spacey's lawyers request that the court preserve phone text messages and Snapchat messages between the accuser and his girlfriend at the time, whom the accuser told about the alleged assaultaccording to police.

    The lawyers also argue that Spacey's interaction with the man was a "mutual and consensual flirtation," and accuse him of lying about his identity. In the filing, Spacey is referred to as his legal name, Kevin Fowler. INSIDER is redacting the name of the accuser.

    "[The accuser] created an entirely false persona," the filing says. "He claimed he was a 23-year-old college student studying business at Wake Forest University. In fact, aside from his name, everything [the accuser] told Mr. Fowler was a lie."

    Kevin Spacey Build series may 2017 Getty

    The case, based in Nantucket, Massachusetts, is the first sexual assault charge brought against Spacey.

    Read more: Kevin Spacey pleaded not guilty and a judge ordered him to stay away from one of his alleged victims in the first sexual assault case filed against him

    In the filing, Spacey's lawyers said his interaction was consensual because the man "did not object to the alleged touching" and "did not ask Mr. Fowler to stop and he did not remove himself from the situation."

    "He welcomed drinks from Mr. Fowler, let Mr. Fowler put his arm around him near the piano while they did 'sing-alongs,' and even left the bar with him to smoke a cigarette after giving Mr. Fowler his phone number," the filing says. "At best, this describes two people engaged in mutual and consensual flirtation, nothing more."

    In the accuser's original filing, he said he didn't ask Spacey to stop touching him because he froze. And in the police report, obtained by The Smoking Gun, he said he tried to shift away from Spacey but Spacey "kept reaching down his pants."

    In addition to the charges Spacey faces in Nantucket, he is the subject of investigations in Los Angeles County and London. Prosecutors in Los Angeles County declined to charge him in one case, citing the statute of limitations. Sixteen people have publicly accused Spacey of sexual misconduct in total, all of which the actor denies.

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    If you want to buy one, use this link. We'll make some money to support our videos:

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    In the last few years, there’s been a major shift as to how consumers interact with social media.

    Rather than posting content that lives on the platform in perpetuity, users are now posting and viewing more “Stories,” video or images that live for only 24 hours.The Stories Slide Deck

    Many platforms have introduced some form of Stories format — whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or WhatsApp. Snapchat was the company to introduce it to the world, but Instagram has surpassed it in terms of volume and perhaps usability.

    Business Insider Intelligence has compiled a slide deck that looks into how Stories work on Instagram and Snapchat, and how brands and publishers should be using the Stories feature to reach their audiences.

    This exclusive deck can be yours for FREE today. As an added bonus, you will gain immediate access to our exclusive BI Intelligence Daily newsletter.

    To get your copy of the FREE slide deck, simply click here.

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    twirling spaghetti pasta eating dinner food pasta bolognese parmesan

    • Lean proteins make a bowl of pasta a nutritious meal.
    • Fresh herbs add flavor and nutrients without calories or fat.
    • Using alternative flour pasta is an easy health swap.

    Pasta may not be the healthiest food in your pantry, but there are endless ways to make a pasta meal healthier. Often, that comes with adding some healthy additions. 

    "Enhancing pasta with a few simple swaps is a great way for people to effortlessly make small changes to their diets that will yield significant results," said health research psychologist Bethany D. Lavins-Merillat whose work focuses on judgment, decision making, and how to help people make simple changes to engage in positive health behaviors.

    If you struggle to make healthy, or healthier choices or really have no desire to eliminate pasta from your diet, add these ingredients to your next bowl of noodles for a healthier meal.

    Add a veggie.

    "Veggies not only add additional fiber to your diet but also enhance the flavor of the meal," says Lavins-Merillat. "Think outside the box, and if you can, purchase higher quality ingredients - such as San Marzano tomatoes instead of the traditional canned ones for a red sauce, and organic items on the 'dirty dozen' such as bell peppers, spinach, beans and squash. You will taste the difference and it will leave you feeling more satisfied with your meal."

    Greens like spinach or kale are also easy stir-ins, as they wilt with hot pasta. For red sauces, consider blending up cooked vegetables like squash, zucchini or peppers, which enhance the flavor and add extra vitamins. If you're eating longer noodles, try for a half-and-half ratio between spaghetti or linguine and spiralized veggie noodles.

    Make the sauce from scratch.

    Making your own sauce can only take a few more minutes than reheating a jar of marinara.

    "All you need is a bit of olive oil and some fresh Parmesan cheese— upgrade to buying a block and grating it fresh if you are ambitious — for a simple flavor enhancer," said Lavins-Merillat.

    You can also cook tomatoes with garlic and herbs for fresh tomato sauce or whip up a healthier Alfredo with cashew cream.

    Use fresh herbs.

    "Fresh herbs are a great way to kick up the flavor without added calories," said Lavins-Merillat. Try growing basil and other herbs at home so you always have them on hand.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Marc Jacobs Bootleg Redux Grunge T-Shirt

    • On Sunday, designer Marc Jacobs posed for an Instagram photo wearing a T-shirt from a recent collection that is the subject of a lawsuit against him.
    • The $115 black Bootleg Grunge Tee features the word "Heaven" printed above a yellow smiley face.
    • Nirvana is suing the designer for his use of the smiley face symbol, which the band's attorneys claim is "virtually identical" to their own copyright-protected logo, in the Marc Jacobs Redux Grunge collection.
    • On December 28, TMZ was the first to report on the legal complaint filed against Marc Jacobs, as well as retailers of the designer, Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus.
    • The band is seeking compensation from Jacobs and his retailers because they feel that the brand's similar design will mislead customers.
    • Representatives for Nirvana declined to comment. Representatives for Marc Jacobs did not immediately reply to INSIDER's request for comment. 

    On December 28, 2018, Nirvana filed a legal complaint against fashion designer Marc Jacobs.

    The rock band is suing the designer for his use of a smiley face symbol, which Nirvana's attorneys claim is "virtually identical" to their logo, in the Marc Jacobs Redux Grunge collection.

    Jacobs has yet to publicly comment on the lawsuit, but he continues to wear designs from the same collection, which is currently available on the designer's website.

    Jacobs has continued to wear the design since the complaint was filed

    While Jacobs has yet to publicly comment on the lawsuit, the designer posted a photo to Instagram on Sunday in which he is wearing the T-shirt in question.

    Captioned "Heading home," the photo shows Jacob sitting next to his dog in what appears to be a private plane.

    Heading home. #beyondgrateful @nevillejacobs photo @1.800.newbold

    A post shared by Marc Jacobs (@themarcjacobs) on Jan 6, 2019 at 6:45am PST on

    Nirvana is suing Marc Jacobs for using a logo that is 'virtually identical' to its 'copyright-protected design and logo'

    When Nirvana filed a complaint against Marc Jacobs, as well as Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus, on December 28, 2018, the band cited the designer's use of a smiley face symbol on the $115 Bootleg Grunge Tee. As first reported by TMZ, attorneys for the band argued in the complaint that "Nirvana has used that copyright-protected design and logo continuously since 1992 to identify its music." 

    Marc Jacobs Bootleg Redux Grunge T-Shirt

    "A significant portion of the consuming public assumes that all goods or services that bear the logo are endorsed by or associated with Nirvana,” the complaint said.

    Nirvana shirt

    The complaint also says that Marc Jacobs referenced Nirvana throughout the marketing campaign for the collection, used lyrics written by the band in advertisements, and posted a meme that used a clip of Nirvana's song "Smells Like Teen Spirit" on the official Marc Jacobs Tumblr account. The alleged meme no longer appears on the Marc Jacobs Tumblr account.

    The band is seeking compensation from Jacobs and his retailers because they feel that the brand's similar design will mislead customers

    Nirvana is suing for "compensatory and punitive damages for the harm ... caused," according to the complaint. The band is also requesting that Jacobs and its retailers stop selling and promoting the collection immediately.

    Throughout the complaint, attorneys describe Jacobs' design as being "virtually identical" to Nirvana's logo, which can be "misleading" for customers who associate the smiley face with the band. Similarly, Nirvana's attorneys argue that the band previously sold clothing emblazoned with its smiley face, and that Jacobs' designs feature such "minor differences" that they are "unlikely to be noticed by the consuming public."

    The band's representatives also say that Jacobs' choice to use the symbol was "intentional," and that the designer wanted to "make the 'Grunge' association with the collection more authentic." As a result, Nirvana's representatives argue that Jacobs is attempting to "mislead the public into falsely believing that Nirvana endorses the entire [...] collection."

    Read more: A Nirvana fan leaked unreleased songs from the band after buying a lost recording session on eBay

    Kurt Cobain designed Nirvana's smiley face logo in 1991

    According to the complaint, Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain designed the band's smiley face in 1991. It was then licensed in 1992, and registered for a copyright in 1993.

    Nirvana shirt

    According to Jacobs, the Redux Grunge collection was designed to honor the beginning of his career

    In November 2018, Jacobs announced that he would be reissuing pieces from a grunge collection that he had originally designed for Perry Ellis back in 1993.

    While the collection didn't take off at the time — it resulted in Jacobs being fired from his job at Perry Ellis— the designer said that the new line represents his resolution to make his fashion vision a reality. 

    "The 'Grunge' collection epitomized the first time in my professional career I was unwavering in my determination to see my vision come to life on the runway, without creative compromise,"Jacobs said in a press release.

    Members of Nirvana were said to have been opposed to the original grunge collection designed by Jacobs in 1993

    In an interview with Women's Wear Daily, Cobain's ex-wife Courtney Love said that the couple burned pieces of Jacobs' original designs.

    Kurt Cobain performs at MTV Live and Loud in December 1993

    "Marc sent me and Kurt [Cobain] his Perry Ellis grunge collection," Love told Women's Wear Daily. "Do you know what we did with it? We burned it. We were punkers — we didn't like that kind of thing."

    The lawsuit comes after nearly two years of increasing backlash aimed at Jacobs and his namesake brand

    In August 2017, the designer received widespread criticism for his choice to have white models walk the runway wearing dreadlocks. Jacobs responded one year later in an interview with InStyle, saying that his choice was "insensitive."

    "What I learned from that whole thing, what caused me to pause after it died down a little bit, was that maybe I just don't have the language for this," Jacobs told InStyle. "Or maybe I've been insensitive because I operate so inside my little bubble of fashion."

    kendall jenner dreads

    Nearly one year after Jacobs spoke to InStyle, a June 2018 report from The New York Times detailed the label's apparent downfall. Business Insider has also reported on the changing brand; reporter Mary Hanbury noted that designs from Jacobs were being sold at TJ Maxx with heavy discounts, capturing some of the brand's reported struggles.

    Representatives for Nirvana declined to comment. Representatives for Marc Jacobs did not immediately reply to INSIDER's request for comment.

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    Tim Cook Happy

    • Apple revealed that CEO Tim Cook was paid $15,682,219 in 2018 in an SEC filing. 
    • That doesn't include $121 million in Apple stock that vested last year. 
    • The median Apple employee makes $55,426. 
    • Lots of Apple employees work in its retail stores and with AppleCare support and they factor into the median employee compensation calculation.

    It's good to be Apple CEO Tim Cook.

    The leader of the iPhone giant made over $15 million in 2018, according to a new filing with the SEC

    That includes a base salary of $3 million, $12 million in incentives for hitting performance goals related to sales and operating income, and $294,082 to pay for Cook's private jet fare.

    That's not including the massive stock incentives that Apple also provides to its chief executive as part of a 2011 grant. Cook cashed in $121 million of stock that vested earlier this year. Cook still has over 1.5 million Apple shares that haven't vested, worth about $189 million at the current share price. 

    Apple also revealed on Tuesday how much money its median employee makes: $55,426. That means that of Apple's 132,000 total employees, half make less than that, and half make more. Lots of Apple employees work in its retail stores and with AppleCare and they factor into the median employee compensation.

    For example, Facebook's median employee makes significantly more: Over $240,000 per year. But Facebook doesn't have retail or call center workers. 

    Cook's compensation, not counting his restricted stock, is 283 times what the median Apple employee makes, according to the filing. Other Apple executives were also well-paid last year. CFO Luca Maestri, general counsel Kate Adams, retail head Angela Ahrendts, and COO Jeff Williams all made over $26 million each, according to the SEC filing. 

    "We believe the compensation paid to our named executive officers for 2018 appropriately reflects and rewards their contribution to our performance," Apple states in the filing. 

    Cook said in 2015 that he plans to give his entire fortune to charity. In 2018, he donated nearly $5 million in Apple stock to an unspecified charity, according to an SEC filing.

    Screen Shot 2019 01 08 at 5.38.43 PM

    SEE ALSO: Apple CEO Tim Cook is a few days away from a $120 million payday

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    The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

    grafomap, $49+

    • The holidays are the most popular time to get engaged, which means you can expect a good amount of engagement parties this time of year.
    • While gifting off a registry for a wedding is a pretty seamless process, choosing an engagement gift requires a little more nuance.
    • If you're not sure what to bring to your next engagement party, check out 27 great options below. 

    If it seems like everyone around you is getting engaged right now, it's because they are. The holidays are peak engagement season, with Christmas being the most popular day to propose. If you've made this observation on Instagram recently, you'll likely have plenty of weddings to attend soon. Right now, though, you should probably expect a few engagement parties.

    Picking out wedding gifts is easy. Couples can make a registry to let you know exactly what they actually want. Engagement parties are where gifting gets a little more complicated. How much should you spend? How do you know what they want? Do you even need to get them an engagement gift?

    Engagement gift etiquette may be more nuanced, but we're going to try to make it easier for you. You don't need to spend a ton of money or make any grand gestures for an engagement party — just go for something small but sweet. So you don't show up at your next engagement party empty-handed, we rounded up 27 no-brainer options under $100. 

    Keep reading for 27 great engagement gifts under $100:

    A calendar

    Brass Easel & Calendar, from $55, available at Artifact Uprising

    They have a pretty big event coming up — help them count down to the wedding with this custom calendar featuring images you can upload from their social media pages.

    A set of Champagne flutes

    Personalized Champagne Flutes (set of 2), $49, available at Mark & Graham

    Help them toast to the next chapter with these classy Champagne flutes. Each flute can be customized with up to 12 letters for an extra personal touch.

    A Champagne cooler

    Hammered Stainless-Steel Wine Bucket, $29.95, available at Williams Sonoma

    They're probably going to get a lot of bubbly, and they're probably going to need somewhere to put it. Think ahead and gift them this classy wine bucket.

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    best packaged donuts hostess entenmanns little debbie_eating

    • Fried desserts are common around the world. 
    • In South America, many people eat tiny buñuelos, which symbolize good luck.
    • Beignets, a popular New Orleans specialty, originated in France.

    Fried desserts are a common treat around the world. No matter how you make it or what you top it with, it seems like nearly every culture has a take on these sweet treats.

    Below, you can get an idea of what fried treats look like around the world, and you'll probably feel inspired to add them all to your food bucket list.

    In South America, many people eat tiny buñuelos, which symbolize good luck.

    Buñuelos are bite-size dough balls popular in South American countries like Venezuela, Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Colombia, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Mexico, as well as Spain, among other places. They are made with slightly different ingredients in each — in Mexico, for example, they're often served with a sweet syrup called piloncillo, while in Colombia they are usually made with cheese and are a traditional Christmas treat. They can be tricky to make, but they are said to be a symbol of good luck.

    Bombolone is Italy's version of a doughnut.

    Bombolone is round fried dough, usually filled with créme patissiére, chocolate, Nutella or jam. They are often topped with icing or powdered sugar — sort of similar to something like a jelly or Boston creme doughnut. They are made and eaten in various parts of Italy, although the ingredients change with the region.

    People in Finland enjoy munkki, sometimes known as May Day doughnuts.

    Munkki look just like jelly doughnuts, but they have more dough and a different flavor. They are actually made with cardamom and are known as a Vappu, a carnival at the start of spring, tradition. They are really popular on the eve of May Day.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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